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Monday, September 30, 2013


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Pussycat Catnap

As I only buy mesh clothing - these shapes usually ARE a turn away for me. If it fits that look, it is very unlikely to fit me, even if it claims to follow "standard Sizes".

Using the right shape for a model is a lot more important now than it was in the 'body paint' era of SL.

As for what the look says about the person using it - I dunno. The common claim is these people are rude, nasty, and exclusionary. But frankly I have never found one that was "available for conversation" so I don't know. The small handful I have observed in the same venues as myself have either been silent and off over "there" or chatting away in an obnoxious foul-mouthed manner with each other.
- But its very easy to take a few bad apples and generalize... and I've only encountered a few of them 'up close.'

silverfox rainbow

yes, their not perfect bodies, but i have to agree its the 'vibe' they give off, when i see these types of avis in world, i usualy avoid them, the person could be really nice if talked to em, but the avi shape for a better term ailenates them, they look human but something aint right.

elizabeth (16)


take the shape. put a tail and ears and big feets on it and you all good to go

q; (:

elizabeth (16)


i only say the above bc if we just going by appearance then silverfox rainbow is a cool name for a furry


Sjöfn Stoneshield

Reminds me of the pregnant shape in Second Life :D

silverfox rainbow

hheh as an ex-furry, i understand, though i no longer. wear the avies, but true,ieven with a tail or ears still wouldn't fix the sha

silverfox rainbow

hheh as an ex-furry, i understand, though i no longer. wear the avies, but true,ieven with a tail or ears still wouldn't fix the sha

silverfox rainbow

and posted twice ><

CronoCloud Creeggan

IPR! The Goggles...they do nothing!

I, for one, DO think they are ridiculous looking and shouldn't be used in displays..the exaggeration distorts things too much.

They remind me of silicon pumping in some of the ethnic minority centric parts of certain transcommunities.


As for their origins... well I originally called them Tableau Girls, because that's where I first saw them. They were more "indie" looking and more cartoony then, and less sexualized. But the frowns, tiny eyes wearing oversized glasses and hippy shapes that eventually became what we now call the IPR were in there.

The modern incarnations took those "indie" shapes and exaggerated it even further and started doing different skins and sexy clothes and tans rather than the traditional Tableau-ish pasty-hipster skins and hipster fashions The modern ones still do the oversized glasses though.

Originally it was a sort of honest "take that" at the barbie-ish glamour girls of the old days. A suggestion that more realism might be in order. That was a good thing.

Now I don't know what it is.

Adeon Writer

Haha, that shape. Most human avies I see look like that, actually. Not as in "they look that bad" but as in "that is exactly their shape"

I don't know what people see in it, but if it makes them happy, I'm not gonna yuck their yum.

Arcadia Codesmith

Sometimes you make statements with your appearance that are meaningful to an in-group but opaque to everybody else. This is utterly opaque to me, but whatever. I'm not conversant with the symbology of Maori tattoos either.


I've almost never seen that avi shape in world, only in SL fashion blogs.

What I do find fascinating is that we are all reacting to them AS IF they were real humans. Our instincts know instantly that they are genetically inferior and that leads us to avoid them. We can't stop feeling this way. It is hard wired into us even when we know that what we are seeing isn't real.


Hey ChronoCloud - what the heck is IPR? Clearly I missed a memo...


Ahh, the Invisible Pony Rider. Good times...

Yeah, that sort of shape -- and it's in the pouty sourpuss facial features that tend to come with the shape more than the Shetland pony-sized gap -- tends to turn me off, too.

The thing to remember is, how we portray ourselves in world is some reflection of our real personalities. Like, Melponeme says, we know what we're seeing isn't real. But in the same way, it sort of is. We draw conclusions about a person based on how they look in real life, too, don't we? It's just a thing we're wired to do, whether or not our conclusions turn out to be, well, accurate.

I know how I interpret the IPR look: generally unpleasant. People *choose* to look generally unpleasant in SL, and I guess I respond by avoiding that sort of unpleasantness. If I see the avatar first, anyway. Conversations happen all the time in IM first, when an avatar isn't even there to see, and that's a whole different ballgame. :)

Wolf Baginski

I find that my own AV usually uses shapes based on the free "Vitruvian Shapes": it's the face I concentrate my efforts on.


Seriously ?- 8 foot, rail thin,0 percent bodyfat avatars are like RL? I would guess that the standard mesh sizes would not accurately reflect the average women's rl body proportions. SO really, who cares what someone does with their avatar look?

Tracy RedAngel

It's certainly not a shape I find attractive, but that's the beauty of SL, not everyone has to have the same standard look. I find these different trends a bit fascinating. Three, four years ago, the "average" female avatar was an 8ft tall, super thin, super narrow glamazon. Avatars have shrunk...I know I've shortened my own avatar and adjusted my shape for mesh clothes, hands and feet.


I was wondering about those avatars I kept seeing. They're an interesting change from the eight-foot-Barbie-doll figures that were ubiquitous a few years back, but I don't really see the aesthetic appeal. I hope at least these people with their peculiar tastes feel pretty.

As for me, I'm going to have to finally change the custom shape I've had for many years. The scale is all wrong now that everyone around me is a believable height. :/


IPR = Invisible Pony Rider
Mesh deforms to the shape of the avatar body so mostly those clothes that are advertised with that body style pretty much should fit. However, I cringe when I see them used as models and usually don't buy from those stores. Using that body style does nothing (for me) to sell their clothing.

Katiee Davi

These are the kind of girls you'd see at the sl club Gol back in the day. Me and my friends call them Gol Trolls.

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