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Monday, September 16, 2013


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Rusty Redfield

I imagine the popularity of this depends on your individual taste. Personally I never notice hands or feet, but I am a butt aficionado.

Alicia Chenaux

I didn't like it. My avatar is fairly petite anyway, so it just looked outright crazy on me. But a friend of mine, who is more curvy, said the large sizes of most mesh bottoms gave her a bigger behind anyway.


Oh man! :) ) This article. lol That's how you pick a "Hit" product name. Like "Tango Mesh Breasts" lol What it the world possessed this woman to name her mesh product that? Butt! It was genius! I never thought I would Behind-Sighted, over the fact that "Tango Mesh Breasts" would for ever be Etch-A-Sketch-Burned into my braeen for the rest of my natural born life. lol And OMG! It just happened again. :S Butt! I'm not Bummed out though. And...

OHHH! My post takes the top spot from the lack of contenders! Whaaa-Uhht! YeaUHH!

Orca Flotta

Don't like, not at all.
As my avie is of the more petite and skinny variety (I call her "sporty") I never saw the need to blow up my extremities or give them some fancy schmancy shape. Am I the last person on this planet who has enough taste to state that JLo's posterior isn't sexy but nothing than superfluous body fat storage?



Oh C'mon Orca! Puns! Puns! Iris just gave us a license to pun. These posts need to be a little more fanny! Am I the only one feeling the urgency here? lol (the urgency) HaHa!

Ok I'm going to sleep. :) )

Drake1 Nightfire

Oh, my, god. Iris, look at her butt.
It is so big. UGH! She looks like, one of those rap guys' girlfriends. But, you know, who understands those rap guys? *scoff*
They only talk to her, because, she looks like a total prostitute, 'kay? I mean, her butt, is just so big. I can't believe it's just so round, it's like, out there, I mean gross. Look!


@Drake1 Nightfire, Yeah, yeah! Get it, get it! Workout those fanny-bones! Two more C'mon! Don't worry about not being fanny. Ignore the haters! Bad guys are everywhere! lol

Oh man I was vigorously racing in SNES Mario Kart when I first heard that back in the day lol.

Pappy Enoch

Hoooo whee that gal do got her some back. It am like them Spın̈al Tap feller, David Saint Nubbins, done sung that time:

"The bigger the cushion, the sweeter the...."

I are glad that articles like this am making NWN as high-brow as The Herald. Gimme sum Post Six Gal, NOW!


great article, better than the "SL is dying, SL is dying" that frequent NWN.


My avatars don't tend to be well-endowed on the front, or backside, so I really have no use for this sort of mesh enhancement. But I can't be bummed, since there are probably some great applications for plus-sized avatars. I don't mean skinny-minnies with gigantic tushes, but bigger girls for whom a big ol' derriere is proportional. Same idea as the big boobs, actually. Might be nice to see better plus-sized avatars out there.

And I say that as a bigger woman in real life. (Why do I go smaller in SL? Because big boobs are a pain in the butt, that's why. Although mebbe I should fill out the horse form, at least...)


I love my tango's but i really don't need a bigger ass, still Sl is All about freedom of choice!

Tracy RedAngel

I tried the bum out of curiosity...it looked ridiculous on me. Those who desire to have a curvier figure and are adept at proper slider control, can make the bum look nice on their avatars. I'm sure backlash, condescension, and ridicule are expected from those who see a mesh ass as ridiculous and unnecessary. Well we all think our avatars are all special little snowflakes, so just remember if you deride someone's avatar, you're not immune to criticism either. So whether you want to have a figure of a 12-year old boy or a full-figured porn star body, it's not a bad thing to have all these choices.

colleen Criss

I have always been a curvy avatar and I like the Phat Azz. Skin and clothing designers are putting out appliers for this a lot faster then it went for Tangos.

The name is pure genius and fun marketing too. I demo'd and then bought and blogged. I do not wear it all the time. For me it is more a prop because I am lazy and tired of photoshop editing.

It is actually not that different shape then my everyday avatar booty. It was easy to fit and appliers make tinting a breeze, be sure to use the skin fixer layer for a seamless look.


Pussycat Catnap

I'm actually glad for this.

After a few years of seeing horrid shapes with thigh gaps and 18-wheeler's mounted onto their backside to get the 'big butt' look... I'm glad somebody is doing it in mesh so at least the people who want to carry a truck back there stop looking so silly...

I've come to appreciate Lolas for the same reason. The 'big top' crowd looked pretty silly a few years back. Comical. Now... they at least have one option that caries a decent shape, and I don't feel inclined to roll my eyes when they pass by anymore.

In fact, I recently got the lolas for an alt to see what I could make of it. If only those came in size 'smaller than a planet'... because if you manually size them down, they end up looking silly in relation to your sternum...

Back to the backside:
If they make putting out appliers easy enough, fully 'do it yourself' - I can see this going far. Case in point: for lolas anyone can just go and get a free dev kit and make an applier. All you need is the UUID of the skin. But for some other brands, you have to go off to a website and submit an application to get on an approved applier list.
- Granted the approved list system is there to prevent 'copy hacks', but this is not the stage of the process at which copying is going to be an issue...


That was the reason why i endorse Lolas tango, the creator made it full mod copy so any can really achieve a lot of changes when wearing them (agree on size, i wish i could make mine a bit smaller but would not fit right on my shape) and can also remove the scripts, allowinfg me to use them still on non script allowed sims, same i doubt i can say of Slink (as far as i know even if low lag, scripts can't be removed as their are not mod), don't know if phat azz allows removing of scripts, hope so, that should be the most important feature in all builds, non needed scipts should be able to be deleted from copies of the itens!

colleen Criss

The Phat Azz is copy and mod.

For a smaller breast that will take the tango appliers, try LUSH breasts.

[d] Lush Breasts 1.4



Wow, Orca. Aren't you a charming piece of work? Actually, J-Lo's butt IS sexy. Sorry you can't get behind that.

Unfortunately, that Phat Azz (and ugh, that name indeed) is really not sexy, though the pics you showed are definitely the best I've seen.

I've never had a problem with my ass in SL. I made it curvy and lush and with well textured pants (before mesh) I often checked out my own ass. Now with mesh? It's even better. So I really just see no need for this product, but that's me.

If it makes you happy, welp go for it.

Commizar Janick

I love these! I just added them to my shoppping list.


although I'm new to the scene, I'm a big fan of the variety of shapes available on SL. And add-ons like this just make it all better! How boring would SL be if everyone just walked around like stick thin pale supermodels? It may not be your personal preference, but options are a GOOD THING!

plus size clothing

I have always been a curvy avatar and I like the Phat Azz. Skin and clothing designers are putting out appliers for this a lot faster then it went for Tangos.

The name is pure genius and fun marketing too. I demo'd and then bought and blogged. I do not wear it all the time. For me it is more a prop because I am lazy and tired of photoshop editing.

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