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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


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Metacam Oh

ooooohhh, they are charging for it? Countdown until Linden Lab puts an end to that.

Damien Fate

That is pretty awesome, congratulations to their team!

Lani Global

So in other words, "Second Life for Android Mobile App" has is an "insignificant number of users"?

Needled with a bit of humorous irony :)

Seriously, though, good to see more mobile viewer apps out there. Especially ones that can be used with OpenSim!


Wish someone could make a decent app for the iPhone. The one I have just shows my location on a map, inventory, messages, and a chat function.

Hitomi Tiponi

@Metacam - why can't they charge for it? It doesn't use the Linden viewer code, which is why it is even more impressive and easily worth the small fee charged for it. Rarely do I find an app that exceeds my expectations but this one does.

Samadhi Quandry

I love the Lumiya app. It is is worth the price. I run it on Android 2.3 and have pretty good success. I use it mostly for text stuff. It works better than any of the pc based text only viewers. It has a lot of features.

Metacam Oh

Hitomi, where is it in the SL terms of service that you can sell a Third Party Second Life viewer?


I wish it was available on Kindle's app store as well, I would've long since bought it.

Alina Lyvette

Metacam, let me assure you that I have discussed the matter of making a non-free third party viewer with Linden Lab in depth, and was given a green light. As correctly pointed out by Hitomi, Lumiya does not use any part of the original LL viewer code base; it is written entirely from scratch by me, and me alone. And, while I would love to make it free for everyone, I have bills to pay - and, without making Lumiya at least partially pay for itself, I would be unable to put that much effort into it - and, essentially, there would be no Lumiya.

Thanks for your understanding,

Metacam Oh

Hi Alina, I'm in no way saying you shouldn't be able to make money off of it, not at all. I just was under the impression that the Lab did not allow it, that is all.

Take care.


Y'all payed more than that for a pair of virtual shoes, I use this app and it's well worth it.


Y'all payed more than that for a pair of virtual shoes, I use this app and it's well worth it.

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