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Monday, September 02, 2013


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He should make a video about the SL Blogosphere.




Without doubt, the Drax files is the best evangelists and publicist SL ever had. When a talented artists acquaintance told me he wanted to leave SL because there wasn't much to do I URLed him MadPea Drax files #8. I've been using Drax Files as medicine for some time. Sure, it doesn't always work. There is still wonder here and the files highlights people I would be delighted to have on my friends list. Many long term SLers are suffering from a condition described by that terrible word ennui. The best advice is to sit back and watch a couple of recent editions of the Drax Files. Then think, wasn't this why I got into SL in the first place?

Connie Arida

Great episode

veritable magic

Love this and Love, Ms Sojourner.


Must be satisfying to get approval from Santa himself.

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