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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


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Include the concept in your thinking that this person may be trolling you. If they are, it is important you remain polite. Once they learn how to push your buttons, they likely will try to push them as much as they can.

Be careful drawing that conclusion but when made at some point, refund their money, say thanks and sorry but bye, and then block them.

Orca Flotta

If she insists on contacting you via IM, why don't you just copy/paste your notecard and send it as IM reply?

Then see what happens ;) I mean the ball is clearly on her side now so the next action must be taken by her. She must give you the info you need, she must! Else sorry, no deal.

Samadhi Quandry

the article makes good suggestions, if none of that worked, i would die.
i would return their money and say they need to go back to elementary school, and then I would give them a landmark to one of those school roleplay sims...


Hi! Thank you Iris for taking the time to look into my problem. I didn't expect it to become a post, but I really appreciate the suggestions!

From what I can tell from the person's profile, language doesn't seem to be a problem. I already started to get strict in my replies (it was either be strict or be not so nice) but I will definitely try putting everything into short and simple steps. I really do want to help, but first this person has to help me! Hopefully, this will all work out soon.

By the way, I won't do it, but I love Orca's idea of putting everything into an IM - it's like, you like IM's, here are lots and lots of IM's for you!! Ha ha ha! :P


Hi Iris! Just thought I'd let you know the outcome of this problem. After giving this difficult customer some shorter simpler steps to take, the person finally sent in the info I needed to do custom color for the item they purchased (still all in IM's though ugh!!) . Glad got it all finally finished and good riddance to the person... but it would have been nice to at least get a "Thank you" from the person (but I guess that's just really too much to hope for). Thanks again for looking into my problem and for all your great suggestions! :) I'll keep this page bookmarked so I'll be prepared for any other difficult customers in the future. (Cross my fingers that no one will be as difficult as this one!)

KissAnime alternatives

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