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Friday, October 11, 2013


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Cube Republic

Oh dear, Bryn has been so supportive of that part of the SL community.

toysoldier thor

Well this formal announcement from Bryn is a week old but it is good and important that they major TOS Responses but the SecondLife community of both Merchant and Artist Creators is getting out into the mainstream virtual world media.

And the actions by artists and creators to protect themselves from LL's draconian TOS change is far larger in scale than just the top well known names being reported. A large number of creators have stopped creating or uploading until LL pulls your head out of the sand and fixes this issue.

Also, the United Content Creators of SecondLife group (UCCSL) that was only formed 2 weeks ago already exceeds over 230 members. This group is formally coordinating efforts to ensure more of the creator community is aware of LL's TOS move, getting new members, asking members to use their sphere of communications to spread the word, and building a repository of all media stories.

The group has also already started the process of filing letters with the US FTC as well as similar departments of other countries to ask them to review the recent LL TOS and determine if LL's TOS is fair to the non-negotiating creators or if they have abused their rights. IF LL legal believes strongly they are in the right, then this action should not scare them.

What should scare all the Creators of SecondLife is that this firestorm of angered responses and decisive actions against the TOS has been growing and to date, LL has refused to respond to explain - much less correct their TOS. This clearly sends a message that LL really does have much bigger secret plans and these plans include the need to hijack our content.

Scary stuff.

Hitomi Tiponi

The only good thing about this is that Bryn Oh is still creating in SL - her builds are always some of my favourites. I just hope that the silence from Linden Lab means that they are re-drafting their ToS, rather than not caring.


She makes RL money from her work. I don't blame her a bit.

Jilly Kikuchiyo


Pat Perth

While I agree with two thoughts that have been expressed elsewhere: (1) that these TOS articles are nothing new, and (2) don't attribute to malice what is more likely due to stupidity, it is very troubling that an artist the stature of Bryn Oh is distancing herself from SL. SL has taken one more step on the path towards oblivion, and this makes me very sad.

Hamlet Au


Doh, fixed!

dimm torok

I think that changing the TOS will not be. Remains as it is now. Just some individual personalities and projects give any privileges or special conditions.



process patents.. etc.


Well Joker, maybe they could and maybe not, but now they have officially taken control of this asset class. Wonder what its valuation is.


According to Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, "everyone has the right to the protection of the moral and material interests resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which he is the author" http://www.un.org/en/documents/udhr/index.shtml#a27 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intellectual_property#Infringement.2C_misappropriation.2C_and_enforcement Report Your International Complaint at eConsumer.gov http://www.econsumer.gov/english/ Intellectual Property Piracy in conjunction with violation of Article 27 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights > If you are in the USA...here's the link for anybody else that wants to lodge a complaint. https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/GettingStarted


Guess by now old news all of this but the fact that LL Tos remains the same!


@Oink, who wrote:

"If you are in the USA...here's the link for anybody else that wants to lodge a complaint. https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/GettingStarted"

Our FTC is currently shut down. When it is up and running again, I imagine that queries coming in from virtual fashionistas, fetishists, performance artists, tiny animated pumpkin avatars, virtual hillbillies, and creators of vehicles like my lookalike '67 Pontiac GTO would lead to a lot of head-scratching in some plain-vanilla Federal cube of a building in DC.

Presuming, of course, that the entire world economy does not derail in a week, thanks for a few lunatics in the US House of Representatives.

I suspect a default and second Great Recession would "put paid" to SL and a lot of other virtual-world dreams. Makes the crazy fake world of SL look rather nice. We freaks have managed to keep things going for LL for 10+ years.


It's simply amazing how many people hold on to a no win situation. The Linden Lab (TOS) Terms of Service was so bad, so many years ago.

I wrote a note to friends some long time ago (years) that I could not stay in SL due to the ever changing terms and what I had seen happen with the power grab. I've never gone back to SL, and even though I love the technology, Linden Lab remains the same piece of shit company it always was since I left.

Nothing will change, you have to accept the reality, that you can no longer accept their terms of service and the bullshit they continue to do.

I did it years ago. You can to. Leave and delete all of your inventory on the way out. I personally after years in SL found it to be the only way to state that I did not accept the terms. And trust me, I left when the Linden Lab (TOS) Terms of Service was no where near the bullshit it is now.

Just leave.... No matter how hard it is for you. It was terrible for me to delete thousands of dollars of inventory and never return. But I did it. And I to this date after years am happy with the decision.


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