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Thursday, October 10, 2013


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What makes OculusBridge, a third-party open source tool, more official than CtrlAltStudio's third-party viewer? I sense some bias here.

Timo Gufler

Cloud Party has a smaller development team than Linden Lab has, but still they managed to support such a modern technology so quickly. That's simply impressive! :)



He did state "officially" support for what that's worth. Also, OculusBridge doesn't do all the work, it just allows browsers to communicate with the headset. There's still handling the input, then outputting stereoscopic 3D. The input will be very interesting if its ever exposed to creators in Movement Modules.

Cloud Party aside, I hope a lot of browser-based 3D experiences use the Rift and push towards official web standards that lead to proper browser support for it. This is Cloud Party's first time compromising and using a plugin to solve a problem, that must mean they feel any official browser support isn't anywhere close.

Adeon Writer

The only thing keeping me out of cloud party right now is working on my custum avie. :P need to stop procrastinating.

You Know

Cloud Party is backed and advised by SL co-creator Cory Ondrejka, and ex-Linden Lab VP Cyn Skyberg now heads up Cloud Party's community management.

Lani Global

There has been a lot Oculus Rift users running around OSGrid for a long time.

Oculus users were at the OpenSim Community Conference last month.

Official Support of a grid wasn't needed. lol


Funny how All seem to forget that Lani, its always the old same thing, Open sim are parias and a niche inside a niche inside a niche!


Oculus Rift is working to solve Simulator Sickness

Simulation Sickness and Motion Sickness due to Vitual Reality

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