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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


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I would be very careful with reports in American news broadcasts. They are often false or completely made up. The person they are talking about does neither appear in SL search, nor in Google Search.

Ajax Manatiso

I totally agree with Jens. Usual methodology for reporters is "let's see what kind of angle can I give this boring story to give it some zing?" "Artistic License" is very common for non-national filler stories like this one.

Ghosty Kips

What percentage of th0se heavy-usage avatars are bots?

Ghosty Kips

And, oh, here's some links:

Here's the girl's FB page, found via Google:

A few moment's poking about revealed her SL avatar name, which I voind via SL Search:

Don't believe everything you read in the comments.

Tracy RedAngel

I doubt it's a made up story since anyone can simply check that county's arrest record.
It's a sickening story, but sadly there are some people who do sacrifice their RL for the sake of Second Life. This particular case is one of the worst we've heard, but people have lost jobs and marriages due to their Second Life addiction.
But I don't think Second Life is to blame. If it wasn't Second Life, it would be some other addiction for those people.

Pussycat Catnap

Just because they make up 53% of the use-time doesn't mean they are 53% of the economic impact.

Those 6% might be major sellers and shoppers, or might not be.

No real correlation is provable either way with the information shown thus far.


Right on the spot Tracy!

Arcadia Codesmith

People bandy about the word "addiction" a lot these days to describe behavior complexes that are not addictive. A compulsive golfer is not "addicted" to golf in any clinical sense; he's a compulsive person who happened to fixate on golf instead of stamp collecting or model railroading or playing Second Life.

We need to make that distinction very carefully, because there are any number of ignorant savages in America who like to burn anything they don't understand, and the Internet and virtual worlds are just the most recent entries on a long hit list of censorship, repression and insufferably dull preaching.

Ozwell Wayfarer

With regard to the article and others like it, I always find this reaction so so short sighted. Point fingers at the thing people are addicted to and tisk and prostrate instead of looking at why people become addicted to ANYTHING. We seem to do this with everything these days. Looking at the symptom instead of the cause. As others here said, these people would be addicted to something.

Drug and Alchohol abuse is the best example. Someone is messed up on a substance, so it MUST be the fault of the substance, right?

A number of my family members died from alcoholism, and it is widely accepted in my family that we have "addictive personalities" (not very scientific, I know, but we just know it). Thats why when most people are out on Friday and Saturday doing their utmost to enter into an intimate relationship with the floor or a toilet bowl, I am tinkering away in SL ^^ it scratches my addictive itch.


I'd like to think that those on my friends list who are ALWAYS online are making money or working with their students.

We can quibble all we want (bots and merchants do have understandable reasons for being in-world 7+ hours / day) but there's a pathology for online addiction much bigger than SL.

I see it at Facebook, at the NY Times blogs and comments sections, and yes, in SL.

My question involves what will happen to those addicted to SL when the ship finally sinks? I don't blame Linden Lab for what may become a wave of suicides, but we have a small disaster in the making.

Edward Starsmith

I have long believed that all of SL is populated by about 250 people, and all the rest are alts.

Arcadia Codesmith

Ever notice that the rise of the Internet corresponds almost perfectly with a precipitous drop in violent crime?

That's not necessarily causality, but the case for a link is at least as strong as for a pathological basis for heavy Internet usage.

Connie Arida

Could people also be logged in but its just another window much like a tab in a browser? Just a thought


Sadly I knew too many in the role play sims who would fall into this category. I think that anyone who begins to feel that their virtual life is better than their real life needs to give their head a shake and start doing some real evaluation of the important things in life and how much time we can waste or lose.
I wrote about my experiences here though I do not feel that I am addicted in that sense of the word. I certainly was immersed for awhile.
There is a great deal of creativity there but definitely a psychological danger as well for some.

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