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Wednesday, November 06, 2013


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The main drawback is that I configured Leap with third party app GameWave. The tracking the device can do is unbelievable and it is sooo tiny..so I think once they have a SL specific configuration the user can turn on/off with one click this will be fab - navigating and building and gameplay [shooting comes to mind although I am a pacifist myself...]. I did not even touch the surface here because obviously both hands can be used and tons of combos!

Adeon Writer

Hey Drax: I mainly use a Spacenavigator as a replacement to all of the alt-cam combos. I don't actually use it to move my avie around though, I just stick with WASD for that. Could the LeapMotion be set up to control flycam? (Akward or otherwise :) )?


Adeon absolutely it can! I would really encourage folks to talk to the Leap guys via their blog or forum! They WANT to hear from SLers!!!


And no one asks where's the cool Pacman shirt from ?
I want :P


When you use the Leap Motion for some longer time ... does it become uneasy for your arms / wrists ?
Because of the way you have to position your arms / hands ?

Maybe you just have to be used to it
For the rest it's just playing with the different parameters I think

There are some alternatives but they aren't available yet and they seems to use a different approach
Some VR gloves / handcontrollers, maybe even with some tactile feedback

PrioVR is coming with a 2e KickStarter attempt and they will offer also hand controllers
And some plans about a glove with finger tracking … but that’s for next year

I had lost the Leap Motion out of sight but I’m again thinking of it because it’s now available and adds indeed some extra to navigating in VR worlds
Building with it would be a very great add-on

Thanks for the video demo ;)

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