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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


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This is great, now if I only had an ios device...


http://vimeo.com/44065902 glitch was the best game evah!! thanks for letting me know bout the runner, will try! is there a cyclops runner too? hope so o)


In a sane world, Glitch would be bigger than the NFL.

Damn it all, but I miss Tiny Speck's brand of whimsy.

Instead of Glitch, we have morbidly fat spectators, stuffing themselves with deadly "food stuffs," all the while watching steroidal hulks, full of rage and racism, smash into each other until brain damage results.

In Glitch we had a culture where little bobble-heads, in Tiki masks, squeezed chickens and hugged plants that had broken hearts.

You tell me what is less sane.

Silly Rabbit

@Iggy: We ignore Evolutionary Biology at our own peril...

James Corachea

I miss Glitch. Since then I've got into the less casual and arguably less imaginative MMOs but Glitch will always be my first.

The other spin-off app that's still going is Glitchamaphone - http://www.glitchamaphone.com
Some of the official artwork is there but only static backgrounds and modified characters

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