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Thursday, December 26, 2013


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Pussycat Catnap

I see bad 1-star ratings all the time. I have 2 myself on some freebie scripts from foolish people who couldn't read the notecard that was delivered (that contained the script - no longer have to do that now thanks to direct delivery).

Anytime I've bought something that has an 'idiot review' on it, I try to leave a detailed use-based review to offset the 'I gave this a 1-star because I wore it and couldn't figure out that you don't "wear" your house, but have to rez it' review...

We need a way to knock out such foolish reviews.

The system could also use something to incentivise reviewing. Like maybe LLs giving people a 1% rebate, to a max of 10L, if they review something, and letting people review anything SL can find a copy of in their inventory.

- It would be in LLs interest to pay that rebate, because it would drive UP sales.

But, on the other hand, I have no love for Marketplace surviving until and unless it stops hurting land occupancy.

(And I think a simple solution would be to only allow MP to list for sale items that are inworld, set for sale, and on land not protected by banlines. And for which scripted land ejection functions would not function within 20m of any item in the same parcel that is listed on Marketplace. Do these things, and land in SL would recover in a matter of weeks, while absentee sellers would poof out of the listings.)

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