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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


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Wolf Baginski

A similar huge battle happened a few years ago.

I don't think it was this big. They said nobody would risk war because of the expense in 1914 Europe. Not a big war.

They were wrong.

Pussycat Catnap

I agree with a comment I saw on one the washingtonpost about this, that got removed:

"White people problems"

The context for which:
Many here pay tier into SL, so we get that video games can cost... but this just seems like a problem that you have to be in a certain world of privilege in order to have...

But basically, those collective masses paid their $300k - $500k (WP says it was $500k) as an entertainment fee over time and collectively - and now they've been served their entertainment piece.

(That's how I approach what I buy in SL too - a transitory fee to be entertained, as whether or not I think I own it, its all going away the day SL closes... so in fact I don't own a bit of it.)
- which is a problem to have, that a person from my roots having is very rare.


You want to play a war game, you face the prospect of losing. Nice thing about the 40-year-old war games I play? After a good drubbing, both sides put up the Avalon-Hill counters, fold the map board, and plot our revenge for the next Operation Barbarossa or Battle of Midway, over beers.

But over $3K for a bunch of pixels that go up in a space battle?

Pussycat is right on in quoting the Times commenter about this being a "white people problem." I'll stick to rolling dice and pushing stacks of old cardboard around Guadalcanal.

Pussycat Catnap

Another more "Conservative-Correct" way of stating it is: First Worlder Problem.

These folks have all that wealth and the privilege to be able to throw it around in this manner - and that's not something most of humanity could even dream about caring about.


Epic stuff I predict some MASSIVE butthurt in the morning :D

Arcadia Codesmith

If you thought the recurring Second Life drama show was something, it's nothing compared to the drama queens of EVE. Same dynamic, galactic scale.

I enjoyed the game for the time I played, but the epic metagame is too rich for my blood. Even if you don't have real money in it, the amount of sweat equity some players put in is mind-boggling.

Pussycat Catnap

"If you thought the recurring Second Life drama show was something, it's nothing compared to the drama queens of EVE. Same dynamic, galactic scale."

Which is funny as from what I've read EVE is the most male-dominant online game out there. Though LOLs might be worse...

So the notion that 'drama' is 'women gossip / catfighting' slams into a hard wall of facts with things like EVE and LOL. :)

Ciaran Laval

@Pussycat Catnap "Many here pay tier into SL, so we get that video games can cost... but this just seems like a problem that you have to be in a certain world of privilege in order to have..."

If you want to make a comparison then be fair. Let's take that tier for a new Island and one year's worth of use. USD$1,000 setup and USD$295 a month.

The sim lasts, let's say, one year. That's USD$4,245 lost. Maybe this happens to 100 sims in a year, that's USD$424,500 gone.

That's without counting the costs incurred for the content on land and the monies spent by residents.

Your point about this being a whole different level of privilege really doesn't stand up to scrutiny when you bring Second Life into the discussion.

eve player

I was there!

Mom news

The future of mmo games maybe in trouble after celular phones, there are mmo sites like www.mmolist.com that list most of this games but, only the future will tell...

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