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Saturday, January 11, 2014


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Hitomi Tiponi

You may be interested in "Real Humans" - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Real_Humans - it is a critically-aclaimed 2012 Swedish series that deals with the emotional and societal impacts on humans of having AIs capable of developing certain emotions, as well as speculating how AIs would themselves deal with it. It has been shown in 50 countries and an English version is currently being made in England - I just hope it doesn't lose the emotional aspects of the original.

Hamlet Au

Good idea. Hmm, wonder it's available on Netflix or something here...


I can't wait to see this film; it raises the sorts of issues we should be raising, when so many of us spend public and private time looking at a screen instead of the person sitting with us.

We will have a real AI not when it passes the Turing Test but when it learns to say "no." That will be a turning point for homo sapiens. The Neo-Luddite in me adds "and maybe the last."


How quick everyone in tech circles is to devalue human beings. The upfront aim of Singularity (as was written on their website not so long ago) was to give immortality to the RICH and the INTELLIGENT. If you aren't in that club, than you are just a serf.

I'm not against AI. I find the concept interesting but hyped all out of proportion. The true result of this fetish for robotics will mean the vast majority of humanity will be thrown to the trash heaps. Robots valued over humans.

Extropia DaSilva

I see Melponeme_k continues to write uninformed scaremongering about 'the Singularity'. Some things never change:)



None of the arguments I've seen for AI benefit anyone except the rich.

All entertainment built on the AI concept is about Robots replacing people. Where are the examples of AI being an addition to humanity (besides Star Trek) rather than replacing humanity?

This film is just a serious version of that old 80's comedy Weird Science. Notice that the WOMAN is being replaced. The minority, the human being still without full rights in the real world.

I guarantee you if the film in discussion was made with a woman in the lead there would be howls of anger all over.

Extropia DaSilva

None of the arguments I've seen for AI benefit anyone except the rich.<

Then I guess you missed books like 'The Mobile Wave: How Mobile Intelligence Will Change Everything' by Michael Sayer, 'The Singularity Is Near' by Ray Kurzweil, and what must be thousands of essays, interviews and lectures by too many names to list. You also seem to have missed the many times you yourself have benefitted from AI. Trust me, anyone regularly using the Web is helped by narrow artificial intelligence's tirelessly working on their behalf.

People evolved to take bad news much more seriously than good. There are many psychological studies which show people are more attentive to dystopian scenarios as opposes to very positive outcomes. Little wonder, then, that movie makers take the easy option of portraying robots as marauding monsters out to terminate Sarah Connah and the rest of humanity. The reality will be much more benign. Hopefully:)

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