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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


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Is this another one of his "Give me everything for free" ideas?

Arcadia Codesmith

Philip is one of those people that, even when he flops, flops in ways that are richly innovative. I don't know if this project will fly, but I'll keep my fingers crossed for it.

Adeon Writer

Ok, Philip, you have our attention.

Eliza Wrigglesworth

'"Is this another one of his "give me everything for free" ideas?"' by melponeme_k

SL had alpha testers, and then beta testers. That worked out pretty well for them considering the opportunity to have lifetime subscriptions and more free sq. meters of land.

I like to build, but I don't think I'm what they're looking for right now.

You should definitely go for it Adeon! I remember you saying how you wished you'd gotten in on the lifetime subscription for SL. Now's your chance :D


I'm going to remove my grumpy-SL-oldbie hat for a second.

Philip Rosedale is going in the right direction with this, in terms of hardware, if he wants a mass-market product. I can't say that wearables are going to take off anytime this year or next, but they should have more appeal to the text/walk masses than the Occulus Rift "head in the box" model.

Something like the Rift may well become a popular and profitable item, but it's aimed at immersion, not augmentation. FWIW, this academic thinks his students want the latter. They already are glued to mobile devices.

Metacam Oh

I know alot of what went wrong with SL, was beyond Phillip's control, like the corporate ownership grab, the closed wall you need to be rich to own a sim BS, but he really needs to lay out some sort of long term vision for his new project. Does he really expect people to go in and populate his new virtual world for free again with no roadmap to the future? Seriously Phil, if I build in your virtual world is it going to be a virtual world for the people or is it going to be another corporate hijacking of the metaverse vision. I'm not getting involved in something that is going to get hijacked by rich investors with a need to make immense profit.

Brandy Maltas/ Kalli Birman

"I'm not getting involved in something that is going to get hijacked by rich investors with a ned to make immense profit" - Metacam Oh

What business starts with the ideal to lose money? Second Life is a business and with out investors and profit, they cannot keep it running period.


Second Life generates millions of dollars of PROFIT every quarter, so yes, it CAN go on for a long time as is.

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