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Wednesday, February 05, 2014


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Elrik Merlin

IMO, the starting point should be that you should ask the original creator. If you can transfer something from SL, for example, then you can easily ask the creator. If you get a "no", then you don't do it.

The idea of being able to transfer content into different environments was not included in permissions-handling in SL for example, and no doubt other environments too. Thus whatever rights to have to an element in SL, say, you have to assume that that's as far as it extends – to SL only.

It might take time, it might be tedious to ask, but it's generally possible and even easy. So ask first and be prepared to have a dialogue.

That would be my advice. You need to make all reasonable efforts to locate the creator. If you cannot locate them, then it's another discussion.

Indigo Mertel

I am not familiar with how The Sims works. Is content in The Sims sold?


For me is as simple as this, with Ll new Tos any i would build on Sl i would love to see it around other platforms, as I will never let LL be the only owner of my works!

Adeon Writer

Indigo: no. Modded Content in the sims is just like modded content in any game: single player only (if it's multiplayer, only you see it), and you just download the files and out them in the right folders to make them appear in your game.

The Tier Is Too Damn High Party

Hard work? Sorry, but imo a majority of SL clothing, etc. I see around are derived from rl designers. There is nothing "original" about them. Creators' concern about artwork, photography and builds, etc., is understandable, but clothing and hairdo's? Not so much.

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