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Thursday, February 27, 2014


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Arcadia Codesmith

I've noticed that Facebook, apparently solely on the basis of my likes, has decided that I will respond to advertisements for games headlined in bold print "FOR MEN ONLY!", or "Your girlfriend won't see much of you once you play this!"

I have concluded that most game designers are better than they used to be in building inclusive games, and game players have mellowed in many (though not all) forums, but game marketers are apparently all imported from the 1950's and get their inspiration from old issues of Hustler.


Arcadia, me too! I think because I read geekish/gaming/computer/science sites, they have concluded I must be a guy.


There are similar issues in other fields. Books, TV, films, comics, they all have some ugly streaks of sexism.

It's a rather big issue on SF fandom at the moment. And, frankly, there are people I once thought better of dredging up some horrible Standard Arguments.

My own amateurish writing often has female characters centre-stage, and doing a lot of the exciting, adventurous, things that the male characters do. There can still be problems (Modesty Blaise beats James Bond, but in some ways she is still male wish-fulfilment) but at least I try.

So often, I see signs that people are still not trying.

Jo Yardley

I guess I'm not a typical player, even as a woman.
I've been playing games since Pong and have always been more interested in "boys games" than girls games.
If something was pink or typically designed for girls, I had an allergic reaction.
And that hasn't changed.
I still enjoy playing shoot and war games and run away from 'women's games'.
I guess growing up in the wild 1970s, I was educated to confront sexism or try very hard to fight it.
As a girl I played boys games, got into fights, as a woman I run a company and still get into fights.

Arcadia Codesmith

I don't think you're atypical, Jo. We're not born with pink or blue genes. I always grabbed whatever toy let me build and create, and I didn't much care what color box it came in.

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