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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


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It's always good to reach out and touch someone that you smacked years ago.

Ebbe needs to be reaching out and touching those who haven't been driven out yet and who are still bitterly paying the bills around SL.

Baby needs a new TOS among other things.

Let's focus on cleaning up the place before sending invitations.


Very impressive. Keep in mind that when Mr. Rosedale reached out really nicely to educators in 2010, it was mere months before our teeth were kicked by the Lab when tier discounts ended in the midst of a fiscal and academic year:


I still don't know what was on his mind or whether he fought the Board on the catastrophic decision.

There are fences to be mended for sure and with more than educators and nonprofits. I've no plans to teach in the next 3 years with SL but there are others still using the platform who would welcome some encouraging words from the new CEO. To his credit, he has brought encouraging words for many SL residents. Let's hope for some bold "road maps" for the TOS and tier to regain the trust of creatives and investors in this platform.

Michael Wilk

I would like to know why, with the real-world economy tanking and getting worse by the day, and Linden Lab's biggest source of revenue disappearing, the company insists on keeping region tier so high. It's senseless from a supply-and-demand standpoint. The grid is terribly laggy, server-side-baking is pretty much a failure (as is path-finding), the terms of use get more and more restrictive, and the price of virtual land is too high for more and more people, so they either don't buy it in the first place or, like many, have to give it up. How many content creators in Second Life does Linden Lab need to lose before its officers wake up?


Educational Best Practises are captured in a predatory Vendor Lock-in and Intellectual Property Piracy, so the Education Grid requirement for Repeatability is fully torpedoed.

I call that Opportunity Costs and Consumer Detriment, a lack of ICT big picture for Total-Costs-of-Ownership.


It sounds like VWBPE are on their knees again, in front of the Sun God.

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