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Friday, March 07, 2014


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Ilsa Hesse

I love Nomine... hope she gets better :-(


Thanks for posting this, I went on a shopping spree in her store. I know in RL value it doesn't amount to much, but if all your readers spent some L$ in her store it will add up.

Her fashion might be a bit out of your comfort zone, but there can't be a better reason to try something and play around.


I can relate to fighting with SS over disability. I have MRI's and xrays along with letters from half a dozen doctors and surgeons who have treated me and still I had to fight for well over 3 years before finally winning my last appeal to an Administrative Judge. They did everything to try and deny disability. The doctor they sent me too was a joke and was just trying to find any reason to deny me.

Good luck Munchflower.


Its Salem... I don't know if you remember me Munchie.. We used to be sisters ages ago it seems. I read about whats going on and I am seriously in tears. I don't think you want to hear that though.
Know that you are in my prayers now, and I wish more than anything I could do something to help. I wish I had never left SL years ago due to my own real life things, and kept in contact. I have always regarded you as my family in my heart, and still do.
If there was a way i could help i would. I will try and see if I can do something to help you in this, if I can.

With much love, your little sis.

Salem Pussycat

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