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Thursday, March 06, 2014


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I watched the trailer and see the usual (and not unfounded) fears of what real AI or a Singularity might bring. Might.

As for "actually taking place in some form in real life right now"? No, not Johnny Depp as a TED-talking ghost in a machine.

What's taking place now? It's more like Sherry Turkle's Alone-together addicts, pecking on tiny screens as they walk or drive, seeking an elusive connection through the ether rather than sitting with a loved one in the splendor of the quotidian world of matter, and, say, having a coffee or watching a sunset.

Or sitting alone with their own minds, that self erased by the constant "and now this!" moment of eternal connectedness.

That reality, not high-tech fantasies of virtual immortality, frightens me most. That future could lead us to M.T. Anderson's terrifying Feed where a Neural Internet defines our every waking moment.

Adeon Writer

Stereotypes aside this is sounds right up my alley.can't wait.

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