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Friday, April 18, 2014


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Magnet Homewood

Good luck with that! When some people charge 1000L and above for a one-avatar picture, and others take 5000L+ for lessons, I don't see them offering any tips here, although there are some very kind people out there, so who knows?

Some come across as very helpful, saying just ask if you need any help, but then when you actually push them for the details, they clam up real tight!


I'll bet if you look through Strawberry Singh's Challenge memes you'll find a lot of generosity is giving out tips on a variety of "profitable" endeavors in SL.

Kerryth Tarantal

I do very little retouching of images in outside graphics programs because most of my pictures are for my ads, and I want people to see my products as they are. For the same reason, I have to be very careful of the color balance and shadows in lighting the scene and keep visual elements very minimal. I spend a lot of time composing and lighting shots inworld, including Windlight tweaks and everything in the Phototools toolbox. I take the highest resolution snapshot I can. Then it's all about cropping the photo for composition, balance, movement and negative space for typography. If I were a taking photos for the sake of the images, I would go about it very differently, but learning to crop an image effectively is something that can improve anybody's work.

colleen Criss

Strawberry Singh does have excellent tutorials, many bloggers do actually.

Before I even take a photo into an editor, I fuss with poses and adjusting them,sets/backdrops or favorite sim to shoot in I rely on the viewer to do most of the work and my best secret weapon for great photos is the LUMIPro HUD. http://lumipro.blogspot.com/

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