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Wednesday, April 09, 2014


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If paper-and-dice gaming counts, I'm drawn to games that don't have rigid classes but clusters of skills and a backstory that fleshes out the characters. That said, I tend to RP one of two types and carried this over to my one RP experience in SL was well:

--A fast-talking scoundrel who ends up doing good things. Usually a criminal and a fop who can be murderous to enemies (think, Mafioso) but loyal to the point of silliness for real friends and family.

--A badass pilot or warrior, not of the noble type but the Han-Solo (who shot first) sort. Usually with some "baggage" from the past.

Ms. CC Creeggan (CronoCloud Creeggan)

I tend to prefer solid (but not great) melee ability with some magic to back it up. Traditional D&D cleric/elf class style. The solid center. Not the best warrior, not the best spellcaster but with enough of both to be versatile.

In Oblivion I did a custom class, Adventurer. I rely on sword, board, heavy armor and alteration spells. Though I always have a bow for long range sneak attacks.

I play Skyrim similarly, though I can't use a shield and spell at the same time which annoys me.

I played a cleric in EQOA, though I wished EQOA clerics had more traditional D&D style cleric melee ability. In FFXI, I think I enjoyed Red Mage (RDM) most of all, with a White Mage (WHM) subclass. I also enjoyed Beastmaster (BST) with the WHM subclass.

Arcadia Codesmith

I usually end up playing all the classes in a game, eventually, but I always start with fighter or fighter/healer hybrid. I just like keeping a nice solid steel wall between me and the pointy bits.

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