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Friday, April 25, 2014


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Ciaran Laval

Samantha Murphy may not be a hardcore Second Life user but she did conduct interviews within Second Life, she is undoubtedly quite keen on the virtual world experience.

I feel that what's lacking from Samantha's article is what exactly she means by social presence. I believe she means that because of how the avatar reacts to facial and arm movements, you feel more of a presence, rather than meaning the social aspect in a wider context.

This is backed up by Jeremy Bailenson, director of Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab saying :

"I used the system to interact with a person in real time and it felt like he was in the room with me"

I think they are both saying they found it more immersive, they felt more connected. Unfortunately Samantha does not expand upon this enough.

Metacam Oh

The avatar probably has better facial expressions / lip sync, hand movements. All things the SL avatar doesn't. It has lip sync / facial expressions but from 2007/2008.

Adeon Writer

All things SL could have if they really wanted to.


She should really have gone to the North Pole and interviewed Father Christmas.

Pep (He's good at social presents.)


I'm not too jazzed about having a program eating my computing, electricity and bandwidth resources. That is the major reason why I will probably not use HF.

Other than that those avatars are seriously creepy. They need to change them.


I just can't bring myself to care about this stuff when say, group chat is still iffy in Second Life. Am I to assume since they're working on all this next next next next generation stuff, a lot of the less glamorous things plaguing Second Life are already better in High Fidelity?

Particularly I'd like to know:

1. Are we stuck with that default cartoon avatar? Can we upload our own avatars complete with riggable and animatable skeleton?

2. Are we stuck with the voxel/solid color thing? Can we upload mesh with full material support, even PBR which seems to be the future with CryEngine, UE4 and Unity 5 all supporting it?

3. Will objects be scriptable? Will a well known language like C# be supported (which was cancelled for SL)?

Everything talked about so far seems awesome for this gadget-heavy, "social presence", voxel, peer to peer and etc. thing...but practically, what's in it for Second Life users that hate Second Life's problems and inadequacies? "Social awareness" doesn't top many's list of problems with Second Life, I assure you.


According to Phil's last interview in at the educational summit in SL, he said that you will be able to port in any avatar from the outside,but there would be a layer limit ie. clothing, skin, hair? Yeah it looks like HiFi is heading towards the MineCraft inspired voxel building trend, and if you think that the primitar is creepy, wait until people start porting in Victoria and Michael 4 avatar skins from Renderosity and Daz 3d, then we are talking Uncanny Valley creepy, this much was hinted at by Phil himself.


Phil's avatar here doesn't approach uncanny valley creepy. It's just bad avatar creepy.

Hamlet Au

I believe Philip prefers to be called Philip BTW.

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