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Monday, April 28, 2014


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Marianne McCann

While The Secret Store is no newcomer to Second Life, it continues to be a rising star in SL fashion. Videos like this (and clothing like that!) will only take her to higher heights.


Love The Secret Store! Its sad, that for us regulars this is what Second Life is while everyone else still thinks of SL circa 2007.

Selena Anansi

I feel a shopping spree coming on!

Tracy RedAngel

I saw this a couple of days ago, I love it :D I hope more stores do something like this.
Secret Store is great, don't forget to hit their gacha for the roller skates and ice skates too! Best roller skates and ice skates ever

Pussycat Catnap

"everyone else still thinks of SL circa 2007."

To a notable demographic inside of SL, that has chosen not to adopt mesh and related technologies - SL hasn't changed much since 2007...

I'll have to rewatch the video later. Bit hard for me to get the full experience from it right now.

I've seen only a small handful of sellers in SL using video to advertise - most of them animation shops. Its a tactic more should consider using.

CronoCloud Creeggan

While the secret store is a bit twee/cutesy for my taste, I most certainly have shopped there. I also think that more stores should vary up their marketing like this.


it reminds me of the designer Target commercials

Eliza Wrigglesworth

It's certainly more attention-grabbing than the usual ad. It's been very well executed as well, and I've had to watch it several times. Mostly because of the music, but everything else about it meshes well.

Did you go see the video for the music on Youtube? Now THERE'S some weird stuff. I couldn't watch all of it because I have a weak gag reflex. Great song though.

I just hope that other fashion blogs will post it to their sites.

Bailey Jones

Great video and amazing song!

Wanted to buy this song from Glass Animals and turns out this song version isn't even listed for sale.
It was stolen from YouTube's Majestic Casual Channel.


Cute clothes. Professionally done. Could be a Target, H&M, TJMaxx, etc. advertisment. Still looking for something different. Still looking for realistic avatars who smile once in a while.

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