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Thursday, May 22, 2014


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Mitch Wagner

I had a chance to try Oculus Rift at a conference this week, with the most mundane scenario imaginable: A simulated datacenter. It was still remarkable. I'd love to try it out on something fanciful.


Palmer comes right out and says he wants a "Paradise" for all of us Eloi to inhabit while he and his fellow Morlocks eat us for dinner.

Fun times. Yeah, we definitely need VR to take us away from our horrible RL lives.

Can anyone see how messed in the head all of this is? I feel like I'm in crazy town when I read about these people and how celebrated they are in the business.

Ajax Manatiso

Why is it that being very young automatically makes you a tech expert? The article, the person, is FAIL FAIL FAIL (He thinks he can find bitcoin in SL!!)

Adeon Writer

Ajax, rarher than correcting you, you should probably just actually read the article in full.

Hitomi Tiponi

This is the real VR headset news - http://www.engadget.com/2014/05/22/samsung-vr-headset/.

Samsung (with a tech research budget much bigger than Facebook/Oculus) is making a VR headset similar to Oculus to work with it's phones and tablets that will be cheaper and arrive sooner. This will be the volume seller, while the Oculus Rift (at least initially) remains a 'geek buy'.


I'm really diggin that Luckey made the cover of Wired. He's like got vision for all of us.

Imagine if we all had like virtual handhelds so we could connect with RL in the Rift. I got like ideas.

I see a world where nobody dies or poops or nobody has pain. They just disconnect. I'm pretty awesome and I can see like, life.

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