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Thursday, June 19, 2014


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Adeon Writer

Because the 1st standard deviation of people who play Minecraft range from 4 to 15.

Kids will do anything for attention, and that includes echoed racism and juvenile prepubescent sexism.

Adeon Writer

(Like most problems on the Internet, the cause of the problem is parents giving unrestricted, unmonitored Internet access. They don't watch their kids, so the rest of the world must deal with it. :P


The best way to give racism more fuel is to keep talking about it. Minecraft servers are private servers, as you pointed out, so their server their rules. If someone doesn't like the behavior on someone's server find another one. Racism it's self isn't a crime and shouldn't keep being treated like one. You cannot control what's in someone's mind or heart.

How I handle things like this is simple. No kids laptop screen in my house is where I cannot see it.


Racism is in truth not a crime just a demonstration of stupidity.

Arcadia Codesmith

Racism, sexism and all the related forms of hate speech need to be confronted and countered wherever they rear their vicious heads. If we must allow the free expression of hatred, we must also allow the free expression of disapproval and disgust at such diplays of malicious ignorance.

In particular, the threats of violence that racists and sexists are often prone to ARE a crime, and should be vigorously prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Pussycat Catnap

The situation is no better in the community of Second Life.

No one should be trying to pin this on kids and teens. Hate gets passed down from above.

Go into SL, and try searching out black male skins, and black female shapes...

The male skins are mostly 'thug', the female shapes are all giant rears and absurd lips...

They'll usually be found in 'ghetto' themed shops (that capture NOTHING of the real ghettos BTW...).

Search for places that "cater" the black avatars. Many are actually quite hostile to real blacks... Not in the community but in the venue decor and theme. So many places that are devoted to "interracial", "cuckold", and "black men assaulting white women" themes...

Plus a few "plantation" sims, and many places flying the flag of genocide: the Dixie flag.

(Being a real life multiracial person, seeking a good support community in SL, is how I first stumbled onto this. Because 'interracial' means something very different to me in my real life. It means what I am... Not some white Southerner's rape fantasy... but my existence.)

Its a little better for Asians - because many RL Asians from Asian countries are in SL. But there are also a fair share of 'kinky school girl' fetishes out there... and 'Asian Prostitute' angles...

Native Americans get an odd pass in SL. While there are western sims none of them are devoted to demeaning people.

And Latin America has a large presence of users here, so if 'anti-latin' people started doing their thing in SL, the Brazilians would roll right through them.

(Likewise the LGBT community is strong in SL, so anti-gay bias here gets smacked back hard.)

But racism against blacks is very rampant all over SL.

That said... a little tweaking in my search terms has helped a lot... There are some very positive 'African' centric communities in SL.
- Places where I can find not only those who have a fondness of Africa and African things, but also people and elements that remind me of the real Black America that is around the area I grew up in, and not the 'MTV / Hollywood / Racist fantasy' one so present in people's stereotypes.

Minecraft and SL both though... are a symptom of a larger problem in western culture - racism is not so much going away as shifting to platforms where it can be more blatant and face less repercussions.


Blah blah racist, sexist. Blah blah.



It's interesting to note that alot of those 'interracial' sims are if not run by black folk, but certainly supported, I'm not sure if that makes it better, there is an element of choice there but now much.

That said I don't really see how the 'black man' avatar is particularly offensive, it's chicken on a Tshirt, unlike the stuff in SL, it could well have been a black person making a self-reflexive joke.

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