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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


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"the most compelling applications of VR so far seem to be based on a context where the body is believably confined"

I agree. In 1981 or 82, I had the uber-cool experience of standing on the wing of an A-10 Warthog simulator at Langley AFB, as a pilot flew passes against a pilot in the simulator next door. Both rigs resembled planetarium domes with a partial aircraft and full cockpit. Cost? I'm guessing tens of millions each in 1980s dollars.

I nearly fell off the wing when the other virtual plane buzzed us. Luckily they had not enabled sound or the weapons suite (that bit was classified) or I'd have suffered cardiac arrest. It was completely immersive in a way no game has ever been for me.

It was really cool and I thought "yeah, in 20 years we'll have this sort of simulator in the den."

This aircraft fanatic is still waiting.

Carlos Loff

People will always like to be exploring and chating wile zipping a cup of coffee on their pijamas at home and being able to reach for something at the Kitchen or take a phone call - Immersive suits fascinate me but not to be the main long hours way to be inworlds

Arcadia Codesmith

Full sensory immersion is a tall order. We don't yet fully understand many of the senses we're trying to interface with, so many of the efforts are crude at best.

Assuming humananity doesn't drive itself extinct, I expect we'll eventually achieve it, but not in my lifetime (of course, my remaining lifespan is not a vast expanse of time).

Ciaran Laval

How long has it been since people have been reluctant to wear coloured eye glasses to view 3D? These peripherals face a massive challenge in terms of widespread adoption.


I'm of the opinion that the avatar in the full Sanskrit meaning of the word is the embodiment of another form by consciousness, so why couldn't we be one with our digital identity, instead of controlling the character on the screen, you are the character living the adventures.

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