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Thursday, June 26, 2014


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Justin Esparza

An Explorers Belt made by Osprey Therian

Neill McCullough

My Wynx tiny bunny avatar.

Kitty Revolver

The Courtney Dress from Catché/LeLutka. Hands down favorite thing ever.

Fauve Aeon

It wouldn't be something from my own 40k item inventory, it be from my partner's, his IOW Spirit Wyrmling avatar. Most everything we can rebuild, replace or reimagine anew. The inventory things are usually a means to an experience like costumes, props and stage sets. I won't say I'm not attached to them because I really AM, (especially the scripted interactive things) but my reaction to the news was actually excitement and speculation. It does make me want to drag out and start photographing a LOT of things from my inventory though. Maybe this will lead more creators to make OpenSim IARs & OARs like AM Radio did with The Far Away?

Melissa Yeuxdoux

The red RFyre Ondami Minoan dress, as a reminder of the wonderful Minoan Empire build.

Khaire wanax!

Adeon Writer

One object?

My avatar.

It's all linked together.

Is that cheating?

Nicki Clary

My avatar.
Then my black cat


My Gorilla avatar from Wynx. I think of SL's whimsy from an earlier time whenever I see it in inventory.

Remember how the Lindens would make fun of themselves whenever SL went ker-plooie, posting an image of Wynx's gorillas approaching a 2001 monolith, all with the title "The Grid is Down While We Bang on Things"?

I miss those days a lot.


I would probably pick one of the old unavailable houses by Sergio Botha. They just inspired me when I came here.

Although, I would really hate to let go of any Post items by Van Auster. His virtual antiques feel as valuable as the real thing.

Tesla Miles

How do you answer such a question?... realistically speaking, most clothing, especially system or rigged mesh can't be carried over to second-second life without breaking on a brand new avatar.

I wouldn't bring anything over except my memories. There's a saying about life that we come into the world with nothing, and we leave the world with nothing - i.e we cannot keep our possessions forever, because we cannot take them to the grave with us.

The things in my inventory, they're also in my memory - that's good enough for me, I can experience them any time I want by accessing my memory.

GoSpeed Racer

My avatar. That would include a shape as close to the original as possible, a skin similar to my current one, and the eyes. Stuff like hair, clothes and accessories can be replaced in the new world.

I kinda picture arriving in SL 2.0 like the Terminator arriving from the future, naked and in need of clothing.

CronoCloud Creeggan

One thing? Well I would start by putting items folders in boxes, and then those boxes in boxes, and so on and so on until I had one box. That is what I would take over.

What? I can't do that? Meanies! My inventory is my Precious.

Maybe a house or my Huddle or Mysti-Tool.

The house would probably be most useful.


I like GoSpeeds approach - and as I do a fair amount of grid hopping I have a sort of instant 'me' kit that I upload if I intend to spend more time anywhere than the initial visit. Basically skins (custom made), shapes (me!), eyes (because easy), leathers and probably the 3rd tee I ever made. Then follows the search for boots but not instantly.
As it seems we may be able to carry over our ID and connections, the only thing I would miss is my tail - its old but I have never been able to make my own that feels right.
Would be fun to take the first prim I ever rezzed (yes ok possibly not the very first but within 2 weeks of my initial sign up and still at the very bottom of my inv...)


the sparkler made by a new friend I have made recently in SL. Is the very first thing she made. 1 prim pink to hold in your hand with particles sparkling out the end. Of which she is very pleased. And so am I. Pleased and proud of her (:

R. Crap Mariner

The wind-up key.


Starax wand.


It's hard to choose between my Starax wand and my custom-made wedding ring by Jackal Ennui(which matches the rl one my husband bought for me).

Estelle Pienaar

For me Tesla has it right. Changing virtual worlds is a metaphor for dying. You can't bring anything from one to the next. And I wouldn't want to bring anything. I would want to restart from scratch, naked or - worse with a horrible Linden starter avartar - ready for a new experience.

Shinigami Kayo

I have made so many very close connections and deep friendships inside Secondlife. Sadly though, some of those special people are no longer with us. We exchanged gifts and some of those gifts became very special reminders of our connection. For me, a ring and a necklace that are both one of a kind. I know I will one day have to leave them behind but I choose for now not to think to deep on it.

Cube Republic

My friends list

Arcadia Codesmith

Any of my own creations I can recreate, and those are the items I'm most proud of and attached to. I do have a pair of "Last Call" jeans I will be loathe to part with, not because they're fantastic jeans, but because they're "Last Call".


It seems you want to endorse the idea of violating Client Requirements Management.

Linden Lab shall comply with Client Requirements Management, it is not vice-versa. LL exists for Clients.

Clients do not comply with Platform Requirements Management. Clients do not exist for LL.

Metacam Oh

It's called the butt nuisance. You rez it in world pick an avatar to go after and a circle of flying butts circle the avatar and turds go flying. Yes very immature but hilarious non the less.

Tracy RedAngel

Pictures. I'll take those. I'd probably go through my inventory and download all my pics that I haven't saved on my desktop. At least the ones worth keeping.
It will be liberating, I think to start over with a nice, clean fresh inventory.
As long as their is new content to buy....

Eliza Wrigglesworth

I just want my pictures. Anything else is just stuff, and I can always get more.

I need to make a promise to myself that I'll keep my new inventory clean and organized. I have a serious problem with that in SL1. It's so bad that it kind of takes the fun out of everything.

Motoko Henusaki

My RIKUGOU avatar and the associated head. Everything else can be rebuilt.

Commizar Janick

My Icarus Wings.

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