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Wednesday, July 23, 2014


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Pussycat Catnap

I'd just ask anyone in SL who claimed to be a lawyer in RL for their Bar Association credentials.

Bar Association ID# or something.

And then check with the relevant jurisdiction, find the attorney who actually has that ID#, and contact them offline - then say "hey, now that're we're speaking offline... blah blah blah etc etc..."

And if they suddenly had a freak out of "wait, somebody's claiming to be me somewhere..." I'd hand them what I knew of that SL avatar, and let them decide how to proceed.

Or if they said "cool, yeah that was me in the video game..." then its all good.


Trolling for business on the Internet has gotta be easier than chasing ambulances.

Why doesn't SL name SL2 'Lawyer Land'?

Pierre Ceriano

Very good idea ! But does it work for both a non US and retired lawyer ? And for a retired lawyer the virtual goods IP rights was not his area ?


SL Bar Assoc Event - LL ToS Update 2.3

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