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Wednesday, July 16, 2014


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Shockwave yareach

If I was starting from scratch, buying the game and getting started would be fine. If I'd already bought the earlier version and suddenly all my inApp purchases were gone, I'd be furious about it. And it would be the last money I'd spend on said game -- losing all your paid-for merchandise for any reason is a fault, plain and simple.

Suppose you bought a house in RL. And the second half of the subdivision was just completed with a different style to the homes, say Tudor instead of ranch. And you came home from work, and found that the HOA burned all the first half of the subdivision down so all the buildings would be the same. Oh - and did they forget to mention that YOU have to pay for the new house to be built? And no, the insurance won't cover the losses...

Ares Shoreland

I think it's fine to start from scrath. I have recently re installed my sims games without most expansions, only with seasons and generations, and I'm liking it better that way. I'm looking foward to The Sims 4 as this means I'll have another chance of playing each expansion and the base game to its fullest, without being overwhelmed with lots of content that I don't know about. It will also be beautiful to see the mod community flourish again.


I feel like with three generations of Sims games behind us now, the pattern is pretty clear: The core Sims formula is immensely fun and solid, and the various bolt-on expansions end up with the... other stuff. Typically the vast majority of the important and well-considered game features end up in the core game, and the majority of the -good- features that aren't there make the first expansion or two. From there, it's just a variety of increasingly unsatisfying and fringe features that serve mostly to just make the game increasingly chaotic, pulling focus from its strong core. (Sometimes even directly, by taking up slots that would otherwise fill with more standard stuff.)

Arcadia Codesmith

The new stuff doesn't look particularly interesting and the stuff they're taking away includes some of the best innovations of Sims 3.

The core game is boring, as are, inevitably, the first few expansions. There has to be a certain critical mass of content before it's worth playing.

I probably won't bother with this cycle until it hits the bargain bin, and possibly not even then if they don't bring back Create-A-Style.

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