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Thursday, August 14, 2014


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Sad, insightful and courageous


Best article on this blog for about 5 years. Thanks this was really interesting. I wish I could say that about the rest of the articles. I would like to hear more. This is at least relevant.

Orca Flotta

So Alina wishes to return to the safety, peace and quiet of communism?

I guess Vladimir Putin is the best president that coud ever happen to Russia (which doesn't make Russia his, as the title so recklessly propagandistic suggests). I the face of ongoing provocation and threats from the West he remains adorably calm and level-headed. Should a war start you can't blame it on Russia. And make no mistake; if Russia really wanted the Ukraine they would have it in one afternoon. But as the last thousand years have already showed us, Russia is the least aggressive country on earth and never showed any interest in a westward expansion, other than what was necessary. For example after WW2, when bullied so badly by the western powers.

The quote by Angie Merkel was for the western media, in reality she and Putin are on good terms, phoning every couple days (he speaks German very well and I guess she can do a little Russian as well) and planning future cooperation and business. She knows quite well that Russia and China are our most important markets and always reliable and true to their words. And contrary to the US they aren't broke =^.^=

Laetizia Coronet (@tishcoronet)

"petty vandalism acts like setting our front door on fire, smashed car windows"

Petty? here in southern Italy that's considered Mafia intimidation. "Shut up (in your case "leave") or else..." Not at all petty.


Putin is a monster. He wants to created a cold war with the West again. Russia is not a benign country. Right now Russia is planning to rebuild it's missiles and set up another base in Cuba.

Issa Heckroth

Putin is a Snake, but we in the west are hardly a bunch of rosy-cheeked cherubs either.


Seems to support some points made by NWN readers that VR will provide an escape to those of us in desperate RL situations. I just wish her the best: the thug Putin will not "go down" easily or peacefully.

CronoCloud Creeggan

Putin! KGB! Gulag! Tekki-wiki commie FIC!

Just had a "You Know Who" moment there.

More seriously Russia sounds like a place GLBT-me would not want to be in. Personally, I'd bug out for somewhere else.

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