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Monday, August 25, 2014


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Amanda Dallin

Your Read the rest here link is wrong. The links earlier in the piece are fine.

feel free to delete this after fixing it.



I love how the whole series is about VR but acts as if there is no VR as of yet. Meanwhile Second Life is the only successful VR in existence.

The propaganda (what is mentioned and what is in news Siberia) is truly enlightening.

Hamlet Au

Thanks for the heads-up, Amanda, fixed!


read the rest here still broke for me ...


actual as stated vr has been used in business and manufacturing since the early 90s. and never stopped. the only failures have been "entertainment" applications which usually were not due to tech issues, mostly creative and control- of money issues.


The "Developers Develop for Developers on their Sandboxes (let's play with tools)" approach is risking a Sustainable Nosedive again... as long as you don't include Market Delivery and Client Procurement (use case) issues.

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