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Friday, August 22, 2014


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Adeon Writer

I wonder how many famous people we've unknowingly run into in SL. I never think about that

Amanda Dallin

I wonder how many non-SL people now think Drew Carey wears pink nylons?

Orca Flotta

Tableau is one of the shopping sims I visit from time to time, since years already. Bought some cool stuffz there in the past. But not so much anymore. Anyway, who cares what famous celeb is behind any given avatar? Who knows, I could be like totally famous in RL. That's why I spend so much time in SL, right?


Love love Nylon's stuff, have since I landed in 2008. She also created some of the old starter avs in your inventory, gamer guy/girl; some old old ones too no longer included.

Her stuff is fun and iconic and it stands out from the rest even now. I definitely understand Mr. Carey's love.

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