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Monday, August 04, 2014


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Adeon Writer

Anybody: "Kim Karsahian"
Me: "...who?"

My fashion/celibrety ignorance cannot be topped.

I can't name a single movie she was in. Or is she an music artist? I don't have a clue. Don't tell me. I want to keep it this way.

CronoCloud Creeggan

It's a lot like those flash Celebutante games like "Miss Bimbo"

If you're not paying for K-stars (which is what I call them) or bucks, you have play in short bursts. wait till your energy is full then do a date/job/shoot/event.

The most annoying thing for me, other than the agressive freemium structure is the sound. The background music loops are too short, and the event "crowd" noises are annoying and unrealistic.

A nice touch is that you can have your character date characters of the same sex.

Johnny Smith

I almost did a double take at "solid pieces written in defence of Kim Kardashian" LOL, good luck with that.


It's not the game that is so offensive. It's the cult of do-nothing celebrities that makes one long for the return on the guillotine.

Cicadetta Stillwater

@Adeon: She's famous for being famous. (According to Wikipedia there was a sex tape involved, because of course. Yes, I looked it up. She just kind of appeared, you know, like mold on bread. Had to see where the original spores came from…) She's not an actress or a musician and she has terrible taste in clothes. But they somehow sell anyway, because she is sex tape famous.

But she's not stupid, apparently, so she has that going for her.

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