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Monday, August 11, 2014


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Pussycat Catnap

It closes to quickly to save you the hassle of clicking to close it.

This is an example of 'enhancing usability' without properly considering alternate use case - such as a case where a person might have a whole bunch of entries they wants to make all at once.

Richard C

Good tip, and thanks for highlighting the poor state of the marketplace. If a seller has 8 colors, they need to relate each individually, which can only be done after they've all been uploaded. It's a ton of clicking. A smallish shop with 10 designs in eight colors needs 80 listings too which clutters up the marketplace.

I can only assume they don't have any developers for the web marketplace as it's been this way for years.

Ilan Tochner

Hi Richard,

I just want to point out that Kitely Market already has support for multiple product variations (and their demos) in the same product listing. See for example:


Our marketplace also supports product attributes so you can filter items by things such as Color, Department, etc.

You can see a presentation about Kitely Market here: http://www.kitely.com/virtual-world-news/2013/09/08/kitely-market-presented-in-opensim-community-conference-2013/

(The marketplace already has many more features that aren't listed in this presentation and some big ones that will be rolled out in the next few weeks)


great tip, I'll have to try it on my next listings.

Tiffy Vella

This is indeed one of those annoying issues with the MP. With practise over the years, I can now get 5 out of 7 related items selected in one epic flurry of clicking. However, successfully recalling which ones actually loaded when going back for a second pass has and avoiding all the error messages still evades me.

Carlos Loff

Whoever wants to seek stuff will be dominant if he comes now to Kitely Market .- Community is growing fast and we need about everything to buy

Carlos Loff

sell, not seek - Isn't there and EDIT button for comments ?

Pierre Ceriano

Hum... This is going to be THE information of the year :)
I Know and practice this trick for years. I think I'm not the first or last. Wearing a caffeine perfusion, I can go up 6 files at a time.

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