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Thursday, September 18, 2014


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GoSpeed Racer

It's like a Black Box for avatars. This would be a great tool for making machinima as you could shoot a scripted scene from various angles and pick the best one.

Professor Merryman

This looks like vAcademia's 3D recording technology for playing back avatar interaction.

Mikhail Fominykh

Good direction of R&D, however the "magic" feature is far from being new. It will be very interesting to see where will this world go...
I did a literature review on this topic recently (see the link) and found few tools that had/have VR recording:
Asynchronous Virtual Classroom (1999)
N*Vector (2000)
MASSIVE-3 (2002)
[Project] Wonderland
and most recently - vAcademia (http://vacademia.com/)
I am researching this topic and open for collaboration.

Carlos Loff

With those cartoon Avies as showcase, with less RL fidelity than SL or Opensim, Im afraid I wont be much interested on High Fidelity


Carlos, do you know what "alpha testing" means?

Carlos Loff

Yes, I know and Im aware many new creators will be tuning fine avatars to sell but. Showcasing a future consumer product can already be a bit more appealing than what we see now

Watching worst Avies than SL/Opensim is barely a fine strategy for showcasing evolution, just my feeling


Carlos you are not the only one with that thought!


it's kind of like putting the cart in front of the horse. "We haven't really done much to the game, but you can take really cool videos."

Ciaran Laval

The recording feature definitely works and it works quite well.

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