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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


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I like their planned business model of selling the permanent activation of special features for small fees.

Pussycat Catnap

I've been hearing that people have been abandoning Facespam since 2009 or so. Maybe 2008. Before I even got back into SL.

I've been hearing it.

But I haven't seen it.

I wish it would happen... but its like a crack addiction. Everyone knows you gotta get off the stuff, and that its bad... and that the junkies are running amok and making a mess of things... but nothing happens.

Phantom Republic

Darn ... referral only ... anyone want to hit a brother up? Lol

Cube Republic

I left facebook Pussycat. I now have loads of free time to do other better things. It made me wonder, if people are looking for the perfect moment to share then they're missing the present moment. We've had quests round for dinner and they sit on their smart phones checking their status. When I left I wanted to make sure I wouldn't go back, so I deleted my contacts one by one. Out of 254 contacts I sent 4 my email address. It's mainly for insecure narcissists and it's been proven that it makes people miserable.

Cube Republic



Can someone hook me up with an invite? ;)
[email protected]

Wizard Gynoid

We'll see. Once you get a fair number of friends in your Ello network you start to see how it works. All snarkiness aside, remember it's Beta and a month ago there were only 90 users.

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