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Wednesday, September 10, 2014


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The original video, along with the videos following it have over 1 million views. The user had a much smaller subscriber based before all of this. You forget that the people for this are GAINING support because of this.


Hey,i'm a supporter of #GamerGate we have women supporting too so dont just make it seem like a single sex is for this

your Data is probably right its better to be a small movement rather than a large movement as that
would cause problems except we cant really get behind being called a "movement" This is a consumer revolt.


There are several biased things in this article :
- Censorship has taken place on Youtube as well as on Reddit (a lot more on the last one, it's almost impossible to talk about GamerGate to a really large audience), so supporters tend to avoid these websites.
- As a consequence and AFAIK, the two main websites used for the supporters are /v/ and Twitter, you can check the activity there if you wish, and I think it's more than you would expect (yesterday for example, #GamerGate was at about the same level as #Destiny in numbers of tweets).
- People communicate mostly through pastebin and archive, so videos are not so watched for this other reason (my opinion is that these videos are fucking lengthy, I prefer text).

So if you could update with figures from Twitter for example, it would be more precise.

Wagner James Au

Good idea, thanks, I updated with a hashtag infographic. Still looks to be less than 10K supporters.


Uh.. GamerGate's Luke Skywalker: MundaneMatt's videos has more than 30000+ subscribers (and climbing as we speak.. he's like a nobody few weeks back) and a huge amount of views on his vids. He's a lot more interesting when he's talking about subjects like how "physical copies of games is more eco friendly than digital downloads" than his #GamerGate stuff though (seriously Gamergate vs feminist vs whatever drama is beginning to get pretty tedious guys and girls) You should read the article on The Fine Young Capitalist at APGNation and seeing their indiegogo website, yeah these people more than willing to back women on game designs and more.

Arcadia Codesmith

It's not unlike game development itself -- you end up spending an inordinate amount of time and setting aside some really innovative features because you're in unceasing war mode against a tiny minority of abusive jerks who are hell-bent on putting you out of business.

And given the details of the Sony attack, it's become a form of terrorism -- complete with a slick-talking political arm to champion the People's struggle against the forces of oppression.


Awesome eyeopening video commentary by [email protected] Bain on games media, journalism gamergate, editorial agendas, Anita, the "gamers are dead" articles and more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e78JRIHRjC0

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