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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


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Arcadia Codesmith

Sight and sound are the low-hanging fruit of immersive VR. Smell, taste, and especially touch are going to be tougher, and simulating the kinesthetic sense may be the ultimate challenge.

Mariott's approach may be crude, but I have to give them kudos for at least realizing how much the other senses add to the experience. But if you really want to get a tropical island experience right, you need a sauna...


The fact that Marriott is pulling a "look at us we're so high tech" with one hand while with the other hand they are still one of the few hotels that FREAKING CHARGES $13 A DAY FOR WIFI IN YOUR OWN GODDAMN ROOM is highly amusing.

/me just got back from a trip where he stayed at a Marriott...

Wagner James Au

Ahahaha oof, that sucks.

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