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Tuesday, September 23, 2014


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Pussycat Catnap

algorithms recommending things to me is why I tossed out Pandora. It can detect all manner of technical differences between things - but not the important factor for me: the subject matter of the lyrics. My chosen genre of music (Roots Reggae) is identical in sound to another genre (Dancehall), but the two are polar opposites in subject matter (think Leftist Gospel vs Gangster Rap).

Steam should focus instead on the curated recommendations format.

Human beings can pick up on the subtleties that an algorithm will miss, like "is this game sexist" or "is the animation well done" or "does that color palette annoy my eyes?"


Side note. It'd be interesting to get updated impressions of Desura post-LL acquisition, Iris. I recall you saying it might've been the smartest thing LL has done. I kind of think they're losing ground to newcomers like itch.io, which I buy from, but I still keep up with the Desura twitter account and have been impressed with the roundup videos and the like, but don't think I've bought anything there in a long while.

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