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Monday, September 15, 2014


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Montecore Babcock

I wish she left it as is, not Photshopped. So many "SL pictures of the day" are just Photoshop abstracts of what SL really is. Anyone who's been in SL knows what Sl looks like and aren't fooled. And if they are trying to get people into SL using these altered images, when people get here they'll be disappointed.


I love the ART of photography and the skill of people who can photoshop to change the mood of a picture as ART.... what i do not care for is products for sale in SL that have a photoshopped image to make there items look better than they really are such as Skins and clothing and hair and now the mesh bodies...this truly annoys me and makes me mistrust the creator or merchant


Yellows are warmer, blues are cooler. So, (assuming it is the bottom image?) the unprocessed SL shot is actually the warmer of the two images. ;-)

Iris Ophelia

@UCMO I see a lot more yellow in the first (processed) one, largely in the fabrics and walls, than the second.

colleen Criss

Both photos are elegant. The top just looks a bit richer in saturation then a regular SL photo.


@ Iris, have a look at the dresser on the left, the skin tone on the avatar's legs, the walls in the first one are much more blue. The wall under the dresser in the first image has an RGB value of R=85, G=77, B=96 Kind of a dark purple color. The same area in the second image is R=85, G=77, B=76 - Much less blue, more neutral. Of course this is on my computer... checking with Photoshop's eye dropper tool. I'll look tonight on another computer and see if I get similar results.


OMG someone tinted the colours in Photoshop *Head explodes

Jo Yardley

Here are some stunning (mostly) unedited SL snapshots;

Julia Benmergui

I'm one of those untrained eyes. They both look really good to me. She's just too thin though to be really luscious. 8-)


Thank you so much again for the article! <33
I'm so so so so so happy liked both versions!


Shukurimu Resident

Hey !!! This article is great! She deserves to get credit for all the work she has done in her blog. She is beautiful in the shape she chooses and likes. http://i.gyazo.com/18b07683714c37de3fc147563804e276.png http://i.gyazo.com/ece64c6c853fa29073e1014a1f439edd.png and she works hard on her pictures. The edited and unedited shows her talents in sl and photoshop. I love the atmosphere that she gives and life to the pictures. I heart you Xanthe ♥

- Nom Nom

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