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Tuesday, October 28, 2014


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Big Moonlight


Sadly the region has been sold to different owners but I thought this was really cool

Wagner James Au

Wow that's really cool indeed, thanks. Got a SLurl handy?


New hellish sim just opened to the public. Complete with lava pits, hell hounds and more.
SLurl - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Asylum/126/128/40
Some pics - https://www.flickr.com/photos/arora_zcz/15435832697/in/pool-the_sl_asylum/lightbox/
Best to have the region default windlights on for best viewing. :D Perfect for Halloween pictures

Pussycat Catnap

As a mainlander I don't usually think of SL in terms of 'sims' but rather whole regions / areas.

I'd recommend the southeast side of Zindra. These are the 'final bits' that were added in - and the furthest bits from the 'downtown'.

They have a different character to them.

As this blog has in recent past advocated for the removal of 'A' content in SL 2.0 - perhaps the most illustrative thing you could do is see what 'A' content amounts to in SL 1.0.

Not the top sims, the big hangouts - but all those little obscure spots.

South East Zindra is mostly residential, or full of hidden away sky builds. The land itself is often more pleasant, not as promoted, and not as garish as northwest Zindra's "downtown". Ironchurch is a sim down there, and from there on the map you can see sims further southeast. The character of this region probably stretches 2-3 sims north of ironchurch, and then all the way south, and all the way east.

A visual comparison between SE-Zindra and Zindra-downtown might in fact also be interesting. Because very different kinds of builds have taken roots in each. Some of downtown Zindra is also one of SL's rare double-prim land areas.

I would also suggest 'A land's' community portal - not because its good, but because its fallen into obscure, is a bit "over the top in your face" with ad-spam, and might be interesting to see it compared with more successful community portals like Oxbridge. You can find it by entering 'adult' in your map and choosing I think, the hub.
- This one is not a 'pleasant sim' to go see. But there are a lot of interesting articles that could be written about it.

It was actually quite beautiful when it opened - but the temptation to mess it up was too great I suppose, and now it slams you with a million signs in every direction.

Nautilus sims. Look on the map for a bunch of sims that have Nautilus and another word in them. Its in the middle of the Blake Sea. Its double prim land all sold on 1024 lots, mostly in 4 clusters making a block with a road around them. Its Bay City's neglected cousin. The place just never took off. Exploring it and considering why would be interesting. My own theory is that it is curiously strange to build an island planned community - and leave no lots that can reach the water or rez boats... Even the river in the middle of it, does not allow boat rezzing... (and the spot at the center would make a perfect boat mooring spot). The plots are expensive there, but don't sell fast (Bay City's are also absurdly priced and very slow to sell. Pipe dream pricing in both cases).

Finally I recommend Blumfield and its adjoining sims - a 4 sim cluster north of Bay City. Second Life's original planned / zoned community. What is left of it. Quiet place, excessive prices, no bonus prims - but still worth it.

Kim Anubis

Like Pussycat, I recommend the mainland. Try walking or horseback riding on the Alpine Trails built by the LDPW, or catch a Xeva Pod tour from Durango to Chamonix. Things tend to pick up in the Snowlands over the holiday season -- they're usually busiest in December.

Also check out the new Blake Passage area -- Walla Walla is a good place to start. If you don't have a boat, you can pick up a nice free one at the Spyglass region or just about any marina. Sail to Walla Walla, or TP and use a free rental kayak. From there, travel the Columbia River Gorge (watch out for the automated ferry boat), and shoot the rapids at the river mouth. Then sail northeast to Juneau, where you will find an airport, marina, and train. The train makes a stop a little further north, in Skagway, where they are just now installing a zip line ride.

The New England sims are pretty sailing, too -- I recommend Land's End at sunset, and Bear Skin Neck at night. New England residents have decorated for autumn, so it's a good time to visit. Stop at the bakery in Marblehead for hot cocoa while you're there.

There are countless cool things to see and do around the Blake Sea, and the sailing and flying communities are wonderful.

Stand-alone regions are great for a lot of purposes, but I like living in a world. :)

Kim Anubis

Sorry, not "Xeva" pods ... Yava Script Pods. More info on them at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Yava_Script_Pods

Kim Anubis

Darn, I'm just off today. Not Spyglass, but Half Hitch for a free boat

zz bottom

Being owner of regions on mainland, bay city, Sansara, Satori, Nautilius, Corsica and Zindra, renting on the blake sea and a full homestead, i can say, show mainland, cause like some posted before, i like to live in a world.
Still there are a few private group of sims, isolated but big enough to have that feel, i would not ignore them as well (lesbianna with 39 regions and north Atlantic sea are just 2 of them.)

Big Moonlight

@Wagner James Au

The sim was Anomaly but it's got different owners now. The old owners own some plots on the mainland too though, with similar builds. There's one in Sierra and one in Alloy


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