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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


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Gealya Aeon

I feel a little bad reading back what I wrote above about the effort it takes to make beautiful things in SL. All the designers I mentioned are people whose work I greatly respect and adore, so I see what they make as the product of genius: inspired, created quickly under that inspiration. Partly this is because I had once seen a haute couture designer do just that, years ago, before SL had mesh: I was in her studio, she had a insight and she made the key parts of an outfit in about 30 minutes as I looked on. But I also don't want to minimize that genius is part inspiration, but usually mostly hard work and dedication. It takes many years to become proficient with 3D modeling software like Blender or Z-Brush. It probably took months or years of brain-storming and speculating before The Mesh Project even decided to try what they have. I wasn't including that kind of time in what I described. The Mesh Project thoughtfully calls its work "in beta" and in addition to the changes and fixes they've made since opening their store I'm sure there will be continuing updates for as long as they stay with SL. I really wasn't thinking of that kind of effort for revisions and updates in what I described.


I were pretty early with getting mesh out, and it was like you say a lot of trials and errors and nobody in the beginning knew the whole work flow needed. The first top I made looked somewhat decent but was nothing special by todays standard, but the amount of work.... And you should add the license fees for softwares, they can get rather costly. I'm sure a lot uses pirated versions, and I am guilty of that too in some exceptions mostly becuase of being lazy, but not everyone does it and it would add to the pricetag.

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