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Friday, October 17, 2014


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Cube Republic

And you've just given them more free advertising?!


So, should I buy it or?..


What if we are neutral on something? Would our ignoring of it mean we are not influenced by it, or would not influence it? Influence being some sort of doing that needs thinking about?

If it is about our own feelings, then what if our neutrality leads to a feeling of happyness because we carry on something that makes us happy. This feeling means we become more neutral on things out of a survival instinct, let's say it is one that is hard to fight. We give them same advantage sometimes because somethings don't have to be boosted to succeed in existing, influencing others and even to the point of killing some people.

An example is a safety law. If I am neutral about it and a child who is influenced by me thinks that this means an action is safe when it clearly isn't, is it my neutrality to blame? If I hate it and try to breed that hatred into them, which may save them lots of pain or even their life, is it good?

But, yes I feel a slight positive feeling towards Janine, but I bet she is secretly evil and programmed this game herself. :P You know you where all chillin' with Bill Gates and he and you all made this while getting high listening to Acid Rock and eating pizza all week. Don't lie, we can figure out your tongue in cheek article. You secret is safe with us, I have heard Bill is back at MS so I figure someone might have influenced him, it was YOU Janine! ;P

Sinead McMillan

some interesting facts about the developers:


Emperor Norton

So they are really out of game ideas now?

Looking experience with gaming means most likely the only thing this game has going for it is the controversy.

Arcadia Codesmith

It's silly to the point of self-parody. But if you strip out the cut scenes and quest dialog from most of the other games out there, it's not that different.

Last night, at the bequest of my handler, I went to a site where information critical to my faction was being auctioned off, and I slaughtered every person in the facility -- except the organizer, the only person I even had the option to spare. Because I did spare him, I walked out with good guy points and enhanced reputation with my henchman, who likes it when I am "kind".

I mean.... holy crap.

At some point, the notion that you're any sort of hero or even antihero just becomes absurd in the face of designers' stubborn lack of imagination. You're just there to kill and steal stuff off corpses.

So bashing this game for cutting to the chase is off the mark.


nothing new, does anyone remember Postal. GTA wanted bad press and protests because you cant buy that advertising space. Look at Sniper Elite with slow motion kills etc.

One guy is supposidly a nazi, who cares, their relationship with Russia who liberated them is complex. I have seen people with swastika t-shirts in the streets when living in Asia, their view on history is different from ours in the west, they are not bad people just as people wearing Che Guavara t-shirts probably are decent people despite their appearance.

the only thing we can rule out for sure is that relates in any way with Anita S, thats too much tin foil hat conspiracy for me, lol

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