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Monday, October 06, 2014


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Brian Peiris

Thanks for the post!

I am a decent touch-typist so using the keyboard while inside VR is not too much of a problem, as long as I'm familiar with the particular keyboard I'm using. i.e. switching from my desktop keyboard to my laptop keyboard (which has a different physical layout) would definitely throw me off and make the VR live-coding experience worse.

A video pass-through could work with the right camera. I'm sure many have experimented with attaching a camera to their DK2s with varying success but I haven't tried it yet. I was thinking about hacking something together with the getUserMedia API. Of course you could always just make the camera stationary and have it point down at your keyboard at all times. You'd then have an equivalent, stationary "window" in VR. Use a kinect-like sensor for bonus depth information. Finally there are solutions like ControlVR -- capture your hand and finger motion and represent them with equivalent virtual hands. Take a single picture of your keyboard and use that as a reference for your hands.

Personally though, I think learning to touch-type is a small price to pay especially when live-coding. The experience is significantly better when there are as few impediments as possible between your creativity and your creation. Looking down while typing would kinda defeat the purpose of live-coding. You want to see the *effect* of almost every keystroke, not the keystroke itself :)

I really ought to try High Fidelity out. I love the concept.

learning python

Amazing post. This is really interesting and helpful.Thanks for sharing it with us.

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