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Friday, October 31, 2014


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Issa Heckroth



I noticed I couldn't log in a week or two ago, it freezes on the account with the largest inventory. I had to use an old third party viewer, so I am not sure if the new tech was in that viewer or not. Sadly, not much. I think textures loaded a bit quicker but I was using the old viewer, so I am not sure. Actually I think it was failing on all accounts, sad. But over the past few years it has got a bit better.

I saw things at the marketplace working a bit quicker, generating reports. But that sometimes was working smooth and sometimes just took a while. So, yeah but we will see if it lasts lol.


You are likely on some old dail-up connection anyways so put it on the lab becouse your to cheap to buy broadband, that songs played out way to many times, if your pc is older then 4 years then buy a new one and if you cannot then we will miss you and put you in a profile pic, RIP.


Well i have noticed the marketplace very snappy & inworld much better & just thought my isp had decided to stop throttling my connection lol, But really Ebbe gave me a reason to return to SL from opensim, he is very open and honest with residents while providing great communication,he is trying to make the changes the last CEO refused to do.well it is not just communication on his part but action that brought me back,when he first arrived i was one of his biggest critics on this forum & others but the proof is in the pudding what he has done in 6 months i think in 2 years SL will be turned around with strong growth and a much less urgency for 2.0.
People are going to complain no-matter what he does like the starter avatar they bitched about old ones then bitched about new ones but he heard resident concerns and acted then when issues arose attempted again to make it right.

read the last CEO's inworld profile to see how much he cared! in the meantime prepare for the change that everyone has asked for because no turning back!

Ebbe if your reading this i apologize for the nasty comments that was made here & other forums earlier in the year by me..you did not deserve that and you are giving linden lab the good image it should have.


Should Linden Lab have a good image? Why on earth would Linden Lab need to have a good image? Shouldn't one deserve a good image?

osiris indigo

What is the HTTP Project Viewer?


I am a seasoned SL resident and I do think that performance has increased, sailing is now a smooth and enjoyable experience in comparison to back in the old days when friends crashed and the boat was sent flying through space.

I have no measurements to back this up, but my gut tells me it's running smoother.


am using the latest official LL viewer 3.7.20

the closest CDN node to me is in Australia

what I find is that getting a texture for the very first time is noticeably slower

basically I think what happens is that: i request the texture. The CDN node dont have it. So it gets from LL server then it gives to me. So a bit slower

but once it gets then second, third, etc requests are way faster. bc CDN node is way closer to me in the world

ok. so I been preloading the CDN node with my stuff. and stuff on the sims I go to regular


i put on my outfit then Clear Cache. Log out and log back in

i go to the sim. wait. Clear Cache. Log out and log back in

the clear cache means I dont have it local. So the CDN node is forced to update itself. Is now 2 requests been made for same texture. So CDN now goes: Ok is not a one off. So permapersist that one

after that. brmmmm!!! (:



when LL say they are seeing massive improvements they mean on their own servers seems like. Which is good


is the load on the CDN node which is what I care about. Is that load which affects me personally the most

if the CDN node don't perform well then everybody in my part of the RL is gunna get a world of grey for upto 30 minutes sometimes. And still sometimes never. Is some textures on some sims I am still waiting for that I request yesterday. And I still don't have them today

so LL engineers better pay lots of attention to whats happening on the CDN nodes. In terms of performance

can assume tho that they LL are/will monitor them closely. So will be all good I think in a few more days time

Pussycat Catnap

Over the weekend on a mesh alt...

I crashed roughly 2-3 times an hour, all weekend long.

I think I am definitely feeling the improvements this time around.


Pussycat Catnap

The consistent pattern I noticed in my crashes is when I cam over a distance through a lot of mesh, while wearing a mesh body.

Seems 'mesh handling' is getting overtaxed.

This on a brand new, top end macBook Pro, on OSX whatever that new one that just came out is.

NOT using advanced lighting (habit to not enable that unless doing screenshots).

Pussycat Catnap

On my broadband, I get 30mbps down, maybe 12 up.

Its all a lot faster now - just crashy.

(noting this because of the comments about broadband speed above).

CronoCloud Creeggan

Pussycat, I've seen similar issues. I've been running these "improved viewers" for a while. It loads faster, yes, (in some cases a LOT faster) but it doesn't like camming/turning in a busy region with a lot of mesh. That will cause the thing to hit the hard disk very hard and crash.

zz bottom

So better to avoid now use of mesh? That is a no go?

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