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Thursday, November 06, 2014


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Roblem VR

Always felt like they picked up Desura so they could make it do things that Steam was never going to do for SL, like maybe get marketplace integration. (also felt like that was why they made some of the "controversial" changes to the TOS.) Indy Game distribution just isn't LL vertical market and it feels like a stretch now. All seems pretty moot with the Next-gen world on the way.

Pussycat Catnap

Buying Desura was a very Google/Amazon like move to make. And that works for Google/Amazon, but not everybody.

Kind of like... You're CHANEL, or Lancôme, so you buy Macy's... so you can control where your product is sold.

Tech companies have been doing that... but it doesn't mean its wise, even for other tech companies.

Ciaran Laval

Yes Desura was purchased when Linden Lab's attempts to get Second Life on Steam failed.

At the time it seemed a sensible move but Iris is bang on the money when she says Linden Lab needed to do something with Desura.

I'm glad that Linden Lab try to offload products these days, rather than just close them.

EI Consulting

What was the Desura purchase and selling price?

shirc desantis

Does make sense all round - plus thanks for the reminder, the itch thing had slipped my mind.

Pussycat Catnap

Did they fail to get on Steam or just give up on getting on steam?

I was skeptical of the Steam move back when it was the hot topic because I felt it could lead to them having to reign in some of SL's wild nature.

While 'gamergate' shows that those gamer people on steam are a lot worse than our excesses...
...SL is more open about its odd side.


Yeah, what about Steam? I saw some potential in that, it would atleast get more views and potential users that way.

Not every post on this blog is about gamergate Pussycat.. :)

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