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Friday, November 07, 2014


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Seymore Steamweaver

A Fun Online Virtual World

Cheyenne Palisades

A place, not a game.


Creative communities in virtual world.

Cranston Yordstorm

It isn't just a game.

Estelle Pienaar

A world created by its users (ok, 6 short words)

Jazmemo Zimminy

Personal/professional Learning Network of Friends

Uccie Poultry

Your World, Your Way.

Alicia Chenaux

Forever broken, but still home.


1 Piece
2 Of
3 Sh!t
4 With
5 Shemales

hazy Cygnet

place for friends u never meet in rl world oops is 9 words !!!!!

Stephanie Anne

Creative, Diverse, Beautiful, Talented, Special

Hotaru Rhiadra

World of never ending possibilities.

EI Consulting

Maximum Predatory Monopolist

EI Consulting

Laggy Crashy


Where nobody knows your name.

Justin Esparza

Lucid dreaming for every dreamer.

Fart Guardian

Grotesque sights everywhere, wasted potential.

Tommilynn Travis

The Matrix blended with dreamtime


The ultimate virtual world experience!

Marigold Devin

Hideous, wonderful, disturbing, inspiring, oxymoronic

Marigold Devin

Hideous, wonderful, disturbing, inspiring, oxymoronic

Jessica Pixel

AutoCAD that you live in.




Immersive addiction for creative minds

EI Consulting

Scam Lack of Consumer Protection

Gealya aeon

The matrix in beta (sort of...)

Andersen Peters

Was much better in 2006.

Gjo Bing

User created virtual world (four).

Ima Rang

The manifestation of your imagination.

Cube Republic

scaffolding holding up the sky

Maddy Gynoid

Every day a new adventure.

EI Consulting

Closed Wall Vendor Lock-in

EI Consulting

Intellectual Property Piracy + Ripoff


Real dreams in virtual spaces.

EI Consulting

OECD Consumer Detriment


Playground for trolls and haters. ↑

EI Consulting

Platform Collusion

Kyng Johin

A new way of Living


virtual reality of endless impossibilities


Does this count as sex?

Adeon Writer

You can be a ferret.

Damien Fate

It's what you make it.


Possible meaning of your life


Possible meaning of your life.


Virtually become whomever you wish

Flashing Merlin

People building virtual happy places.


Avatars experiencing immense virtual world

Magical Alchemi

Like Skype, but with avatars.


Build your own virtual heaven


Maybe wait for the sequel

EI Consulting

Newbie Abuse


Your dreams come true virtually

Issa Heckroth

Mostly trash but sometimes wondrous

shirc desantis

Prepare to be (insert suitable word here - I think dazzled is already taken)

EI Consulting

Google Trends: Millions Balk SL

Connie Arida

Ba A Smartarse

Bavid Dailey

We all share lucid dreams

Bavid Dailey

(tip of the hat to Justin there :-))

EI Consulting

Stephen Hawking > Virtual Worlds Failed

EI Consulting

Real-to-Virtual > Short Story Failed

EI Consulting

Real-to-Virtual-to-Real > New Big Picture






val kendal

Your World. Your Imagination. Kinda.

Exuberance Lafleur

As big as my imagination.


To sleep, perchance to dream.

Issa Heckroth

@El consulting - Beat a dead horse much?

Sonja Smedley



Me New: You Wanna Sexo ? :-)

Pussycat Catnap

A game of self exploration.


doll house for adults

EI Consulting

Newbie Interest & Retention Declining

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