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Tuesday, November 11, 2014


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Issa Heckroth

I was curious enough to do a quick inworld search and its still there, so hopefully its in decline.

Pussycat Catnap

Time for a block party at Bukkake Bliss !!!

I suppose a theory on the decline could be as simple as a single social circle moving on or quitting SL.

Most places start with grand ideas of being the happening scene for all kinds of new and old folks together - and then in time become a clique of the same old set of avatars hanging out by some random corner and not using 90% of the amenities.

If this place has had the traffic it has had all this time - that is likely the case. A core set of people all hanging out by poseball #37, all day long...

Ignoring all of the other things as they use it like its an IMVU chat channel.

And I guess - the central figure in some sub-clique there, left. And with that person went all of the various strings tying others to that poseball...


@Pussycat, either I don't see our favorite sim to ridicule, or I need new glasses.

Whither Bukkake Bliss? Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Marianne McCann

#47 is a club filed with bots.

Tracy RedAngel

Aww...poor Bukkake. I guess the griefers and trolls have found greener pastures?

zz bottom

Hooo, i was hoping that bay city was getting the notice that it deserves:( Guess not.

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