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Wednesday, November 05, 2014


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I'd just completed the single player campaign yesterday. He's right about the "dead fish" eyes. Everything else is pretty good though. Strangely there's no eye issues with Troy Baker and the other mo-cap actors in the game.

Adeon Writer

Snow Crash should be required reading for avatar modelers.

Arcadia Codesmith

Human facial expression and our ability to read it is incredibly nuanced. I'm certain we already have the tech to do it, but it comes down to an expense/effort vs. payoff equation to implement it.

For a video game in which the primary thing you do with NPCs is attempt to slaughter them as expeditiously as possible, nuance might not be a priority.

The killer app for facial expression is social interaction and especially romantic interaction (with NPCs or other avatars). Unfortunately, the socially-oriented games with the resources to potentially bridge the uncanny valley have almost uniformly decided to implement a more stylized, often cartoony approach that dodges the issue altogether.

SL2 is ideally positioned to advance the state of the art, but even if they choose not to, I hope the platform is constructed with sufficient flexibility to allow it to be pursued later.


"Spacey can convey fucktons of emotion"

Not the kind of language I'd really hope for from nwn:
you're better than that......

Wagner James Au

Interesting opinion about a post featuring a video depicting graphic war violence!

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