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Wednesday, December 17, 2014


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Pussycat Catnap

Have we become so hyper-capitalist that there is no ability to even perceive things that are not market based?

Art and Design are worlds apart.

Art is self expression done for one's own purpose.
Design is done to communicate a message or sell a product.

Designers... don't need the support - their work is for hire / for sale.

Connie Arida

My takeaway then would be that you think the endowment is to support those who make a conscious effort to not make money from their "Art"?
To take it further on from your first commentator.
They must not have anything for sale in a gallery, or promote any of the items they use in the construction of their pic, statue,whatever.
Personally, I thought the most succinct description of Art was by John Cage. It's what you can get away with.


Whether it's in RL or SL, the righteous indignation of those who are against endowments for the arts always sounds the same. It's like nails scratching across a chalk board.

It requires some deep thinking, vision, and a certain generosity of spirit to see why it's a good idea to support art even when you don't necessarily understand it right now.

History has given us millions of examples of why supporting art is necessary, but some people are intent on being dumb.

After awhile, this argument is like " Yeah, yeah, whatever ".

Arcadia Codesmith

The fine arts have been underwritten, supported and protected by patronage since prehistory. To be honest, from the artist's perspective the primary difference between whoring your work to a few rich snobs and to the stupid, ignorant, unwashed masses is that the snobs pretend to understand art even when they're more ignorant than the peasants, and you need fewer of them to eke out a living.

So yeah, totally not fair. Cope.

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